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Below is a listing of our current faculty. If you can't find someone you're looking for, please refer to the University's directory for a complete listing of all faculty and staff contact information.

Full-Time Faculty

Anderson, Christine
Distance Learning Pathway Inst

Baker, David
Professor of Pharmacy Administration
Director of Graduate Studies in Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Director of Pharmacy Technician Training

Bose, Diptiman
Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Ekong, Gladys
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration

Ghoneim, Ola
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Gilzad Kohan, Hamed
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics

Jarvinen, Michael
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Kennedy, Daniel
Professor of Pharmacology
Chair - Department of Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences

Kinney, Shannon
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Program Coordinator of Master in Pharmacogenomics

Koomoa-Lange, Ingo
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Mizuno, Cassia
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Mulia, Nihal
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Shcherbakova, Natalia
Associate Professor of Pharmacoeconomics

Tershner, Sheralee
Professor of Neuroscience

Adjunct Faculty

Spooner, Joshua