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Message from the Chair

jim-knittelWelcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences (DPAS) webpage at the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This department combines the basic sciences of chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, pharmaceutics and pharmacology with the social science aspects of pharmacy education such as pharmacoeconomics, cost effectiveness analysis, outcomes research, managed care, law and pharmaceutical policy. Our basic science faculty seek to discover and identify disease processes and targets for intervention that may be translated into new therapies that directly impact patient care while our administrative science faculty determine the effectiveness of these therapies and their economic impact on the US health care system. Our department provides a sound grounding in both the basic and social and administrative sciences to our learners enabling them to be more effective practitioners in an ever changing health care system landscape.

The research interests within the department are quite broad and span the full range of the traditional pharmacy disciplines and their emerging interfaces with biomedical engineering and neuroscience. These synergistic efforts reach fruition through the department’s efforts in drug synthesis and discovery, epigenetics, medical devices, drug delivery, health policy, pharmcoeconomics, and pharmacy education. As you can see from the faculty profiles the department is broadly represented in biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and social and administrative sciences. Each area also benefits from collaborative and academic affiliations with faculty in the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Business as well as other institutions regionally, nationally and internationally. These interdisciplinary efforts involving our faculty provide a wonderfully enriching environment for both research and education. Our learners have exceptional opportunities to participate in cutting edge research with our faculty across all disciplines. Several of our learners have presented and received awards for their work at national and international meetings.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences and I hope that you will consider the Pharm.D. program at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences of Western New England University for advancing your education.