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Pharmacy Departments

Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences

The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences is to provide excellent teaching, research and service in the fields of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, and social and administrative sciences. The Department offers education and training programs through a hybrid traditional and integrated curriculum designed to forge independent, lifelong learners and competent pharmacists. The Department is dedicated to scholarly efforts in the arenas of educational, pharmaceutical and administrative sciences. In addition, the Department supports the provision of professional and community services, in a myriad of ways, to the College, University, greater Springfield, New England, as well as national and international professional communities.

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Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice prepares learners, as a key member of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, to provide optimal pharmacy care that will achieve positive outcomes in all patient populations.  The department, which consists of a diverse and dynamic group of faculty, strives for excellence in teaching, pharmacy care, research / scholarly activity, and community service.  Emphasis is placed on innovative methods to foster critical thinking, new knowledge and practice opportunities, professionalism, and leadership skills in learners needed for life-long learning.

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