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Model Pharmacy

Secundum Artem

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has named their model pharmacy Secundum Artem.This Latin phrase has a literal meaning of according to the art or practice." In pharmacy, the phrase refers to the preparation of a pure or unadulterated products. Additionally, the term incorporates the need of the pharmacy's responsibility to provide good advice to patients.

The Secundum Artem provides a realistic hands-on experience for learners to practice the process of prescription medication dispensing. The pharmacy simulates the community practice site that many learners will work in upon graduation. The shelves are stocked with prescription bottles containing placebo medications, computer software mimics real-life programs, and actors commonly pose as patients. The Secundem Artem also includes an inpatient dispensing area to practice the process in a hospital-like pharmacy.

The Secundum Artem is equipped with cameras and microphones to capture the experience and allows learners and faculty to view and critique the processes and communications.