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Minna Levine

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Division of Occupational Therapy

Email:     minna.levine@wne.edu
Phone:   413-782-1445
Office:    Blake Law Center Room 203


  • BS in Occupational Therapy, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Brandeis University

Dr. Minna Levine graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Occupational Therapy. She earned a PhD in Psychology at Brandeis University. Her experience prior to joining the faculty at Western New England University included work as an Occupational Therapist with adults with physical disabilities and work in information systems innovation and development in medicine/academia and in business. She authored the first clinical database for day-to-day tracking of patient pain symptoms in 1991 at Children’s Hospital, Boston, and managed a campus-wide, pre-Internet, e-mail and class bulletin board system at Northeastern University. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, contributed chapters in two books, and contributed posters and workshops at conferences in the areas of neurology, autism, mental health, and applications for self-management. Dr. Levine’s company SymTrend developed an early mobile application for patient self-monitoring and guidance for use in health and special education. She managed SymTrend's three small business grants from the National Institute of Mental Health for research and development of tools for individuals on the autism spectrum. She also managed SymTrend’s small business grant from the National Institute of Aging for research and development of tools for older adults living in the community to self-manage their blood pressure and fatigue. Her personal research interests include: assessing the benefits of mobile self-monitoring and guidance tools for adolescents and young adults with autism and/or anxiety; and assessing improvement of symptom management and quality of life for adults with neurological conditions through the use of self-monitoring and guidance e-diaries.

Dr. Levine’s teaching responsibilities include Adults and Aging practice in Mental Health Settings, Evaluation Theory and Assessment, and Research Methods. She oversees all research projects conducted as part of the final research methods courses. Students who work on their doctoral capstone projects with her do program development in community-based settings that provide trauma-informed care of adults with substance use disorders, mental health issues, and/or with involvement with the judicial system; or in settings that provide trauma-informed community-based care of children with behavioral issues.