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Arianna Bonzagni


Department of Pharmacy Practice

Email:     arianna.bonzagni@wne.edu
Phone:   413-796-2454
Office:    CSP 413

Arianna Bonzagni received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Western New England University College of Pharmacy in 2017 and her Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from Wheaton College in 2006. Before and during pharmacy school Dr. Bonzagni worked as a technician and intern at CVS/Pharmacy in Springfield, MA. She is looking forward to working with Western New England University and Big Y Foods, Inc. during the upcoming year.

Dr. Bonzagni is the third PGY1 Community Care Pharmacy Resident with Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Big Y Foods, Inc.  With a focus on chronic disease state management, specifically diabetes and hypertension, Dr. Bonzagni will educate patients on preferred medication use and aid in lifestyle modifications for improved patient outcomes. In an effort to promote optimal patient care, Dr. Bonzagni will work to foster a caring and multi-dimensional patient experience.