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Ebony Evans

Department of Pharmacy Practice

Email:     ebony.evans@wne.edu
Phone:   413-796-2456
Office:    CSP 413

Ebony Evans is the fifth PGY-1 Community-Based Pharmacy Resident with Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Big Y Foods, Inc. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 2019.

Her career aspirations are in ambulatory care. She has a very strong interest in, and desire to help underserved communities. She hopes to create different programs that can help people in the community by increasing health literacy and bridging the health care gap.

Dr. Evans has a strong belief in helping patients set their own health goals and wants to help patients help themselves to improve their overall well-being through motivational interviewing and education. Dr. Evans hopes to create a strong rapport with patients throughout this residency year in order to best help each patient in the ways that most benefit them individually.