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Teaching Matrix - Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences

Baker Bose Kohan Kennedy Khan Kinney Knittel Mathias Priefer Sabeti Sani Shcherbakova Siwale
Biochemistry   X       X              
Communications X       X       X     X  
Drug Abuse & Addiction                   X      
Drug Design and Discovery     X           X   X    
Financial Management         X                
Genetics           X              
Health Care Policy and Delivery X       X                
History of Pharmacy X                        
Immunology               X          
Medicinal chemistry             X   X        
Neuro/ Psychopharmacology                   X      
Pathophysiology       X                  
Pharmaceutical Industry in a Global Context                       X  
Pharmaceutics     X               X   X
Pharmacoeconomics                       X  
Pharmacokinetics                     X   X
Pharmacology   X   X   X   X   X      
Pharmacy Ethics X                        
Pharmacy/Health Outcomes                       X  
Pharmacy Law X                        
Pharmacy Practice Management X       X                
Public Health         X