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Meet The March 2021 Occupational Therapy Student Of The Month: Hannah McGrath

  • Hannah McGrath

Student of the Month Spotlight:  March 2021

Hannah MCGrath, OT2 Doctor of Occupational Therapy Candidate from New City, NY


Meet Hannah McGrath! Hannah is a second year OTD student who has been recognized by her faculty for consistently standing out in regards to her enthusiasm about the major and her professionalism. Her academic abilities and inquisitive nature makes her an asset to our program and the occupational therapy field. She is a student member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, and will be inducted into the college’s chapter of Pi Theta Epsilon Honor Society in April. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Therapeutic Equestrian Center and Adaptive CrossFit. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from John Carroll University in 2019. Hannah was nominated for Student of the Month by her faculty advisor, Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Amy Burton.

Interview with Hannah:

Why did you choose Western New England University?

Before I had a chance to visit WNE, I already knew that I was very interested in the doctor of occupational therapy program based on what I had learned throughout the application process. After my first visit to campus though, I felt even more certain that I wanted to continue my education here. I met some students and members of the faculty, all of whom were incredibly welcoming. Multiple people took time out of their busy day to talk to me and answer my questions, giving me the chance to learn more about the program and hear about the experience of current students. Being embraced in a community like this on my very first visit made a big impact and I decided the same day that I wanted to attend WNE.

Please share your thoughts about the occupational therapy program at Western New England University.

 I have had such a great experience in this program, and I especially appreciate the variety of fieldwork opportunities it has provided. We also have a hard working and dedicated group of faculty who support us tirelessly. Being part of the program at WNE has only added to my excitement about a career in occupational therapy.

What are your current career aspirations?

 I have always wanted to work with the pediatric population, either in a school or clinical setting. More recently I have also become interested in inclusive post-secondary programs that increase access to college education for individuals with disabilities.

What advice would you provide to a student considering occupational therapy for a career?

 The field of occupational therapy is broad, with new possibilities opening up all the time. You don’t have to be locked into a decision about working with a specific population or setting. Take the opportunity to explore all of the different avenues a career in occupational therapy could lead you down.

Hannah’s Faculty Advisor (Amy Burton, OTD, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy) shared the following thoughts:

 “Hannah is an excellent student, is helpful to others in class, and makes positive contributions to all class discussions. Hannah has covered all of the major courses as a volunteer note taker for the University’s Student Accessibility Services, and has done this for several semesters. She has a bright future ahead of her, and I am excited to see where this degree leads her!”   

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