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Meet The September 2022 PharmD Student of the Month: Kyle Hooper

  • Kyle Hooper

WNE CoPHS Student of the Month Spotlight:   September 2022

Kyle Hooper


Meet Kyle Hooper!  Kyle is a fourth-year year PharmD student who is being recognized for his lengthy record of academic and professional success within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Over his time at the College, Kyle has served in several leadership positions in the College’s student organizations: Chapter President of the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists-SSHP, Student Representative for the College’s Student Affairs Committee, Professional Chairperson of the Alpha Zeta Omega Tau Chapter, and President of the Class of 2023. In addition, Kyle serves as a Pharmacy program Student Ambassador, helping to promote the field of pharmacy by assisting the Admissions Office with various events held on campus or virtually. He has received multiple awards, including the 2020 WNE Skookum Award for Excellence, and induction into the Rho Chi and Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Honor Societies. Currently, he is employed as a Pharmacy Intern at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua, NH. Kyle earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies at Western New England University in May 2021 and is currently finishing his final Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences in the PharmD program. He was nominated for Student of the Month by Associate Professor Emeritus, Dr. Joshua Spooner.     

Interview with Kyle:

Why did you choose Western New England University?

During my search for a pharmacy program in high school, I looked at schools throughout New England with programs that varied in class size. I prioritized a university that had small classrooms and a close-knit community like my hometown high school experience. When I came to Western New England University for the first time in my junior year of high school I found everything I have looked for in a university. By the time I applied to the PharmD program I had already made life-long friends, connections with the pharmacy faculty, and had a fantastic first two years as a pre-pharmacy student.

Please share your thoughts about the pharmacy program at Western New England University.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at Western New England University is rigorous, but it is immensely rewarding. Throughout the program, the professors find ways to integrate real-world scenarios involving pharmacists in patient care. The faculty truly care about students and find ways to engage with everyone in and out of class. Each professor knows everyone’s name (for better or worse) and encourages participation during lectures.

What are your current career aspirations?

After graduation, I hope to take a clinical role hospital focusing on critical care or emergency medicine by pursuing a post-graduate residency or an in-patient pharmacist position.

What advice would you provide to a student considering pharmacy for a career? 

Take advantage of pharmacy school to build friendships and connections and get involved in organizations you care about. You may never find yourself in a situation with so many motivated individuals of different backgrounds in the same space. Learn to say yes and don’t be afraid to say no!  Ask for help, help others, and spend your time wisely- four years go by too fast!

Kyle’s Faculty Advisor, Dr. David Baker, Professor of Pharmacy Administration, shared the following thoughts:

Kyle is an excellent choice for the Pharmacy Student of the Month Award.  Kyle is a role model not only for his fellow classmates, but also for those who follow his class.  Kyle’s status as a role model is demonstrated by his excellence as a student, commitment to the profession, and skills as a student organization officer.  I personally met Kyle before he was in the pharmacy program through a university program entitled, “1st Gen.”  This was a program for college students who are the first generation in their families to attend college.  Despite his lack of familial experience with college, Kyle has advanced to his current role model status.  I have found that whatever Kyle takes on, he does it well, by seeking the necessary knowledge, involving the appropriate people, and executing his actions in a precise manner.  Our college and our profession gains from having an individual like Kyle involved.


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