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Copying and Printing


All work begins with a fully completed Photocopy Request or Printing Request form. When filling out the form, please include a valid account number*, contact information, a realistic due date, and attach a sample. *NOTE: Requests cannot be processed without a valid account number.

Submitted files should be PDF (preferred), MS Office documents, or original hard copy. Documents can be submitted via email to printservices@wne.edu, USB drive or CD/DVD.  We do not create or edit documents. Nor are we responsible for incorrect information in the document. All University branding must be approved by Marketing and External Affairs prior to duplication.

Paper sizes available for black and white or full color printing: 8½" x 11", 8½" x 14", 11" x 17", 12" x 18", 13" x 19" and a banner print of 13" x 27.5"

Turnaround Time

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction. Please be specific when providing a due date. Allow three (3) working days for photocopying and ten (10) days for books and specialty jobs—including the procurement for special paper. This does not include weekends or holidays.


Deliveries are made each morning between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Completed jobs can also be picked up at Print Services during our normal operating hours.

All exams must be picked up personally by Faculty or Staff (no students). 

It’s illegal to make copies of these documents

Congress, by statute, has forbidden the copying of the following subjects under certain circumstances.
Penalties of fine or imprisonment may be imposed on those guilty of making such copies.
1. Obligations or Securities of the United States Government, such as:
Certificates of Indebtedness    United States Bonds         Federal Reserve Bank Notes     Fractional Notes
National Bank Currency           Treasury Notes                 Silver Certificates                       Certificates of Deposit
Coupons from Bonds               Federal Reserve Notes    Gold Certificates                         Paper Money
Bonds and obligations of certain agencies of the Government such as FHA, etc
Bonds (U.S. Savings Bonds may be photographed only for publicity purposes in connection
with the campaign for the sale of such bonds.)
Internal Revenue Stamps. (If it is necessary to copy a .legal document on which there is a cancelled
revenue stamp, this may be done provided the reproduction of the document is performed for lawful purposes.)
Postage Stamps Cancelled or Uncancelled. (For philatelic purposes, Postage Stamps may be photographed
provided the reproduction is in black and white and is less than % or more than 1112 times the linear dimensions of the original.)
Postal Money Orders.
Bills, Checks or Drafts for Money drawn by or upon authorized officers of the United States.
Stamps and other representatives of value, of whatever denomination, which have
been or may be issued under any Act of Congress.
2. Adjusted Compensation Certificates for Veterans of the World Wars.
3. Obligations or Securities of any Foreign Government, Bank or Corporation.
4. Copyrighted material of any manner or kind without permission of the copyright owner.
5. Certificates of Citizenship or Naturalization. (Foreign Naturalization Certificates may be photographed.)
6. Passports. (Foreign passports may be photographed.)
7. Immigration Papers.
8. Draft Registration Cards.

Exception: U.S. Army and Navy discharge certificates may be photographed.

9. Selective Service Induction Papers which bear any of the following information:
Registrant's earnings or income         Registrant's previous military service     
Registrant's dependency status         Registrant's physical or mental condition
Registrant's Court Record
10. Badges, Identification Cards, Passes or Insignia carried by Military, Naval personnel or by
members of the various Federal Departments and Bureaus, such as FBI, Treasury,
etc. (unless photograph is ordered 'by head of such department or bureau).
Copying the following is also prohibited in certain states: Automobile licenses-Driver's Licenses-Automobile
Certificates of Title.
The above list is not all inclusive, and no liability is assumed for its completeness or accuracy.
In case of doubt, consult your attorney.

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