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Current Staff

Arlene rock, director of administrative services, 413.782.1538 (ext 1538)

Arlene is the Director of Administrative Services and can answer any questions pertaining to the campus credit card program and campus purchasing and payment policies.

Buyer, 413.796.2256 (ext 2256)

The Buyer should be contacted with any purchasing-related questions, or to aid in attaining bids and/or quotes, and the campus credit card program. The Buyer is the go-to person for travel, International travel, and booking flights.

Sandra O'Neil, Procurement Associate, 413.782.1236 (ext 1236)

Sandy is the Procurement Associate, and should be reached for all travel reimbursement or Cash Advance inquiries, and can answer any budget questions as they pertain to Procurement purchasing and payables.

Kathy Johnson, Procurement Assistant, 413.782.1237 (ext 1237)

Kathy is the Procurement Assistant, and handles all questions related to invoices and Check Request payments. In Sandy's absence, please contact Kathy for travel reimbursement or Cash Advance questions, as well.