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Lean Six Sigma Certification

Prepare to become a key player in project management and continuous improvement initiatives through a unique, highly flexible program offered through Western New England University partners Solomon EOS and LT Consulting of Westfield, MA.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology for continuous improvement to reduce waste and variability in processes, products, and transactions. Its origin is in manufacturing, but increasingly it is employed in industries that rely on a wide variety of supply chain operations.  With such broad application, LSS has been increasingly used to achieve efficiencies in such industries as healthcare, financial services, retail, military, distribution (beverage and food as an example), and even agriculture. 

Lean Six Sigma consultants are versed in the tools that can analyze organizational processes and detect, isolate, and eliminate inefficiencies (known in LSS parlance as “defects”) in these processes. They are also proficient in the instructional techniques necessary to educate organizations in the selection and engagement of LSS analytical tools. LSS consultants can improve organizational efficiencies, lead improvement projects, and mentor organizations to do the same, thereby creating a culture that reduces costs and improves an organization’s bottom line via cost and time savings­.

Lean Six Sigma proficiency is indicated by belts, similar to martial arts, from white to black belt.  LSS organizations may confer belts to individuals who achieve these internationally recognized proficiencies. Students aspiring to the higher level belts will complete workplace projects with a LSS Black Belt mentor who applies LSS measurement and analysis tools and more to demonstrate knowledge application.

Western New England University’s Lean Six Sigma program will identify an organization’s defects, prescribe short- and long-term solutions, and develop a training program to educate employees to utilize Lean Six Sigma tools now and in the future. The University will also confer belts to employees/students interested in achieving documented proficiencies in Lean Six Sigma.

Online or Onsite OptionS

Students and organizations can elect to enroll under an open enrollment plan (any date) under any of the following flexible options:

  • Access to online course modules with virtual interaction with a Black Belt instructor
  • On-site instruction from a Certified Black Belt instructor, in conjunction with electronic blended learning from online course modules
  • On-site instruction leading to all Lean Six Sigma (LSS) belt trainings and certifications from a certified Black Belt instructor, in conjunction with electronic blended learning from online course modules.