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Learning Interest Communities

Learning Interest Communities are part of the BEAR program (Building Experiences Among Residents). 

Learning Interest Communities offer you the opportunity to live among other students who share common interests. Each Learning Interest Community designs specific programs around the goals of that community. When you select housing during the room selection process, you'll be selecting from available rooms within a Learning Interest Community, so it's important when you decide who you want to live with that you talk to them about which Learning Interest Communities interest you both.  

Special LIC Opportunities: honors housing and rising business professionals

These communities will be housed in the LaRiviere Center for 2020-2021. They have limited availability and a separate assignment process from the main LICs below. 

Honors Housing

Incoming freshmen, who have been invited to be members of the Colleges’ Honors Programs, are also invited to extend that focus into their residential experience at this learning community. As an Honors Scholar, you can live with like-minded Arts and Sciences, Business, and Honors Scholars experiencing specialized programming, trips, faculty mentorship, and guidance from specially selected Resident Advisors. Accepted Honors students requesting this LIC must indicate the preference on their housing application.

Rising Business Professionals

Make connections to fellow future business professionals and network with alumni when you live and learn in this active community. This residential experience includes specialized programming on career paths, technology, business etiquette and trends geared to community member interests. Faculty mentors with onsite office hours lead business discussions and occasional field trips to help students develop networking skills and prepare to enter the workforce with polished professionalism. Accepted Business students requesting this LIC must indicate the preference on their housing application.

Four Main LIC Opportunities

The four main LICs are offered in The Quad area (Franklin, Hampden, Berkshire) as well as Commonwealth Hall, and are based around the following areas of common interest:


In today's world, science and technology are shaping the future. The community will allow those students who major in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) to develop personal and professional skills in a residential setting. Members of this community will be able to develop collaborative relationships with their peers, relating concepts learned in the classroom to everyday situations through programming, peer-to-peer mentoring and floor discussions.


In today’s diverse and interconnected world, leadership skills are valued by potential employers and contribute to a rewarding and successful career. In this community, you will focus on developing leadership skills and set yourself up to take on various student leader opportunities. Topics covered could include self awareness, leading a diverse team, and global perspectives in the 21st century. This is an ideal community for those students looking to build on their high school leadership experience or those looking to explore the face of today’s ever changing global environment.


This community is ideal for those looking to impact tomorrow’s society through avenues such as law and justice, business, and education. These individuals will take the concepts learned in the classroom and bring them back to their own community as a hands-on opportunity to practice skills and concepts they can apply after graduation.


In this community you will have the chance to explore opportunities that promote personal satisfaction. Are you a musical person? Do you enjoy sports? What about art? Are you into holistic wellness? Join this community and learn how to take what you enjoy and meld it with the skills and lessons learned in class to lead a well-rounded life, now as a student and in the future.

**Various rates apply to different residence hall options. Please be sure to review the specific costs associated with the residence hall LIC you choose.