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Residence Areas

Are Students Required to Live On Campus?

Because the value of the Western New England University educational experience is found not only inside the classroom but also in the broader campus community, Western New England University requires all first-time, full-time undergraduate students to live on campus for their first and second years at the University. This policy is effective fall 2019 and does not impact students who enrolled prior to fall 2019. For more information about this policy, visit our Living on Campus page and review the Residency Requirement.

First Year

Your first on-campus living experience will be in one of the University’s traditional residence halls. There are three halls that make up “The Quad”:  Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden. Freshman may also live in Windham Hall or in LaRiviere Hall shared with sophomore students. We also offer a limited number of premium singles

Quad Halls

  • The Quad

    Berkshire Hall, Hampden Hall, and Franklin Hall comprise the group of residence halls known as “the quad.” Rooms in the quad halls are double occupancy with a commonly shared bathroom on each floor and a commonly shared laundry facility in the building. All have a lounge equipped with television, kitchenette, and recreational equipment. These halls are coed, with single-sex floors. University furniture is movable and rooms have tile flooring. First year students are typically assigned to these halls. The buildings are air conditioned.

    View Berkshire Hall floor diagrams

    View Franklin Hall floor diagrams

    View Hampden Hall floor diagrams

    The Quad Halls are supervised by Hayley Johnson, Area Director. Her office is located in Hampden Hall room 115.

Windham Hall

  • Windham Hall

    Windham Hall provides for coed housing with single-sex wings. The residents select two-person or three-person (larger size) rooms. The hall has a centrally located lounge with a television. Other common area space includes kitchenette, laundry facility, a study lounge, and recreational space. Rooms are carpeted and room furniture is moveable. The building typically accommodates first year students. The building is air conditioned.

    Windham Hall is supervised by Brittany Haughton, Area Director. Her office is located in the main lobby of Windham.

    View Windham Hall floor diagrams

Sophomore Year

Sophomores can choose to live in Commonwealth Hall or in the LaRiviere Center: a state-of-the-art living and learning facility, where you live in a suite with up to five other students of your choosing! 

LaRiviere Center

  • LaRiviere Center

    LaRiviere Center accommodates sophomores and some first year students on two separate wings. The core of the building includes a multi-purpose lounge, conference room, academic classrooms and a computer lab. Each coed floor wing accommodates students who reside in four suites, three with six occupants, one with eight occupants, all in double rooms. Each suite shares two private bathrooms. The “living room” (shared space) in each suite has couches, a table with chairs, built-in cabinets, a full-size refrigerator and counter space. Care and upkeep of the suite is the responsibility of the residents. The floor wing community living space (shared by all floor wing residents) includes additional seating area, recreational equipment, a dedicated study room, and laundry facilities. 

    The LaRiviere program features student-initiated learning-interest communities that have an academic or cocurricular focus. Each suite of residents contributes to the LaRiviere website, posting their own content related to their Suite Learning Theme. View the LaRiviere Center blog.

    Incoming first year students who want to live in LaRiviere must be Honors students or business majors requesting the Rising Business Professionals Learning Interest Community when they apply for housing. In order to live in LaRiviere as sophomores, interested students must form a group with a learning theme and apply together after winter break their freshman year. 

    The LaRiviere Center is supervised by Patrick Rojas, Area Director. His office is located in Evergreen Commons. The LaRiviere staff office is located off of the main lobby of LaRiviere.

    Standard Wing
    Standard Suite
    Standard Room

Commonwealth Hall

  • Commonwealth Hall

    Commonwealth Hall accommodates a mix of sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as transfer students. There are semi-private, individual use bathrooms situated throughout each corridor, as well as a kitchenette and laundry equipment. The “core” community center on each floor has multipurpose space with recreational equipment. The facility provides for coed living with single sex rooms on any given floor or wing of the building. Rooms are carpeted and the building is air conditioned.

    Commonwealth Hall is supervised by Brittany Haughton, Area Director. Her office is located off the main lobby of Windham Hall.  The Commonwealth RA staff office is located in the lobby of Commonwealth.

    View Commonwealth Hall Blueprints

Junior & Senior Years

Gateway Village Apartments, the Evergreen Village Townhouses, and the Southwood Hall Apartments feature full kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and baths to offer upper-class students an ideal environment to prepare for life after graduation.

Gateway Village

  • Gateway Village

    Gateway Village is a community of apartments offering living space for two to six students. Gateway houses primarily juniors and seniors, as well as a limited number of sophomores, depending on space availability. Gateway apartments come in a variety of different lay-outs: efficiency, one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom. Each unit is equipped with kitchen appliances, a private bathroom, and furnished living room. Residents are fully responsible for care and upkeep of their living space. A central laundry facility and outdoor recreational space are located within Gateway Village. A segment of apartments in the complex is reserved for graduate housing. Air conditioning has been added to Gateway Village apartments. All undergraduate apartments in Gateway Village have tile floors. 

    Gateway Village is supervised by Ashley Ewick, Area Director. The Gateway staff office is located in 11L Park Lane.

    View a Gateway Village Bedroom

    View a Gateway Village Bathroom

    View a Gateway Village Kitchen

    Gateway Apartment Layouts

Evergreen Village

  • Evergreen Village

    Evergreen Village provides students with the opportunity to reside in two-story townhouse units that each accommodate six students in three double occupancy bedrooms. The complex is primarily senior housing, and each townhouse unit has a living room, kitchen, full bath, and half bath. Furniture is freestanding and the townhouse units are carpeted with floor tiles in the kitchen. Residents are fully responsible for the care and upkeep of their living space. Evergreen Village has a multipurpose facility which includes study, recreational, and social space, along with laundry equipment. The complex is air conditioned.

    Evergreen Village is supervised by Patrick Rojas, Area Director. His office is located in Evergreen Commons.

    Evergreen Layout

    Evergreen Apartment Information

Southwood Hall

  • Southwood Hall

    Southwood Hall is the newest addition to our residence facilities. Located near the athletic fields, the corridor-style residence hall features apartments for four students. Each apartment consists of either two double bedrooms or four single occupancy bedrooms, as well as a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Furniture is freestanding and the apartments have tile flooring. Building amenities include a large first floor lounge, recreational space, and laundry equipment. The hall is primarily upperclass (junior and senior) housing.

    Southwood Hall is supervised by Patrick Rojas, Area Director. His office is located in Evergreen Commons. Parking will be available for residents adjacent to the building.

    View Southwood Hall floor diagrams