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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of attending SOAR?

Students who attend SOAR generally transition more effectively; it’s that simple. But, they get even more than that.

Participating students will:

  • Make connections with fellow classmates
  • Get a glimpse of how campus life will feel like come the Fall
  • Begin to establish a sense of belonging to the Golden Bear community
  • Attend a late night event where you will walk away with fabulous prizes, novelty items, and great food
  • Compete against your peers to be named SOAR games champions
  • Have the opportunity to interact with Orientation Group Leaders and learn about the realities of college life
  • Sit down with a University Advisor and Orientation Group Leader to create your Fall 2021 schedule
  • Be introduced to potential roommates if you are a resident student
  • Explore campus resources and get to know the locations of buildings that you will use during your time on campus
  • Most importantly have fun!

Click here to register for SOAR!

Is there a special program for parents/guardians?

Yes! We have curated a SOAR program specific to parents and guardians. In fact, besides the opening session, students and parents are attending separate sessions specific to the information and support pertinent to them.


  • acquire strategies on how to be supportive and encourage success
  • meet and connect with university personnel and get to know important offices
  • connect with university services including counseling, health, and public safety
  • learn coaching strategies to help guide academic success
  • engage with other parents through this shared life cycle experience

Is there a fee to attend SOAR?

SOAR is a 100% free event for all students! That includes meals, residency, and materials.

For the two day traditional SOAR sessions, there is an $75 fee per parent/guardian who attend. This fee covers all materials and meals as well as a Parents Cocktail event to wrap up the first day of SOAR!

For the one day Transfer SOAR, there is a $25 fee per parent/guardian.

Are only resident students allowed to stay on campus overnight?

All students are welcome and encouraged to stay on campus overnight at SOAR regardless if you intend to live on campus in the fall or commute as it’s a great way to meet new students and build friendships before classes even begin!

Do I have to pay to stay on campus for SOAR?

Students do not have to pay for anything while at SOAR and that includes rooming! Linens are provided for you but we encourage you to bring an extra blanket, your own toiletries, and anything else to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Will it be safe to be on campus?

Your safety is extremely important to us. We will be following CDC and state guidance to ensure a safe yet fun experience for all.

SOAR Safety Measures

Do we need a negative PCR test or proof of being fully vaccinated?

Yes. All SOAR attendees, students, and parents/guardians will be asked to provide a negative PCR COVID-19 test result in the state that you are visiting up to 72-hours prior to your arrival or proof of being fully vaccinated. Being fully vaccinated means you have received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines or one dose of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine more than 14 days prior to arrival.

We ask that you email us your records before arrival to campus if you are able to do so.

  • Negative PCR tests can be emailed to healthservices@wne.edu with the subject “Negative PCR”
  • Scanned copies or clear photos of your vaccination cards can be emailed to covidvac@wne.edu

What will happen if I don’t have a negative PCR test or have been fully vaccinated?

Any attendees who fail to provide proof of either negative PCR or vaccination will not be permitted to attend SOAR and will be asked to register for another SOAR session. While this may be an added hassle, we appreciate your support as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to put the safety and well-being of our community first.

Will I leave SOAR with a fall course schedule?

Yes! That is one of the great advantages of attending one of the SOAR sessions! Each student who attends SOAR will have an advising and registration session at SOAR. You will learn more about your curriculum and confirm a fall course schedule. You will also be able to sign up for a more personalized follow up Zoom session with a University Advisor immediately following SOAR if you want more support or to continue to foster the advising relationship

Will there be any other events going on this summer besides the SOAR session I attend?

We are excited to be offering numerous virtual events throughout the summer starting with our Summer Virtual Kick Off Event on June 7 and running all the way until Opening Week in August. These events are in addition to the on campus SOAR sessions to help students remain engaged all summer long while also getting the chance to meet other incoming new students and win some cool prizes!

More information about specific events to be announced in May! Be sure to check back for a schedule of events.

I can’t attend SOAR, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear you are unable to attend one of the SOAR sessions. While you are unable to physically attend SOAR, we hope to see you at one (or many!) of the virtual events we will be hosting throughout the summer. That will be a great way to learn some of the support services and still meet some of your fellow classmates.

Be sure to actively check the Orientation Resource Kodiak page to learn about the resources and support services we have on campus. It will be important you make sure you complete all of the items on the new student checklist so you don’t miss important action steps for the fall! You can access the Orientation Resource Kodiak page here.

We will also be hosting late registration days in early August where you will be able to work with a University Advisor to register for the fall semester. More information to come out about this in July.

When are health forms due?

Health forms should be submitted by August 1, 2021. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the University require that all students submit certain health records and maintain medical insurance coverage.

Visit our Health Services forms page to download the health form and review instructions on how to submit your form to the health portal.

How do I apply for on-campus student employment/earn my Federal Work Study Award?

Beginning August 1st Student Positions will start to post on the Cornerstone site. Please visit the Student Cornerstone site for any open positions. Positions will start posting after August 1st as well as important links to payroll information such as tax forms and direct deposit forms.

To view and apply to positions, students may go to: https://wne.csod.com/ats/careersite/search.aspx?site=4&c=wne.

Are there any documents I should bring to SOAR if I plan to work on campus?

Yes. If you plan to complete employment paperwork at SOAR, you will need to bring the Acceptable Documentation to complete your I-9 form.

The Form I-9 is to verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must properly complete the Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and non-citizens.

Most common acceptable documentation are:

  • An original Social Security Card AND driver’s license or official ID


  • A Valid US Passport


  • An Original Birth certificate with the seal and a Picture ID (driver license, state ID, or a school ID)

When should I expect to receive my bill for fall semester?

Fall semester bills are available in mid-June. Student accounts and financial aid can be viewed online using Colleague self-service. If choosing to make payments using a payment plan, enrollments will start in early July. More information to follow.

Will I get to sign up for fall housing at SOAR?

No. Housing assignments won’t occur until late July once all SOAR sessions have concluded. SOAR is a great opportunity to meet fellow classmates and potentially meet a roommate! While you won’t find out about specific fall housing until late July, we encourage you to complete the housing application now as it can assist you with finding potential roommates.

How do I register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)?

Step One: Visit SAS online and complete the SAS Registration Form.

Step Two: Submit the SAS Registration Form and documentation or evidence that substantiates a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act.

Step Three: SAS reviews the Registration Form and disability-related documentation and subsequently schedules an intake appointment to discuss eligibility for accommodations.

Step Four: During the Intake Appointment, SAS and the student will discuss and confirm reasonable and appropriate accommodations and students will learn more about their role and responsibilities in the accommodation process.

Please Note: Students seeking on-campus housing accommodations must also complete the SAS Campus Housing Accommodation Request Form and provide it to SAS along with their completed SAS Registration Form and disability-related documentation. Consideration of requests will be reviewed on a space available basis.