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Spiritual Life

  • 911 Memorial and Museum Trip

  • Diwali

  • Festival of Lights

  • Muslim Association Picnic

  • Palm Sunday

  • Passover Seder

  • Kite Festival

  • Tu B’Sh’vat

  • Boston Sacred Spaces Trip

  • Peace Day

Western New England University Spiritual Life extends an open invitation to explore, deepen, and share our faith traditions and beliefs. Spiritual Life on campus values the spiritual growth of our students as a vital part of their development, welcoming them to an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion that allows each to embrace a personal truth and to understand the truth of others.

Spiritual Life supports the University’s mission of celebrating our diverse community by promoting a campus culture of respect and understanding. With an open heart and mind, the staff, faculty advisors. and Spiritual Life Student Council join together to ensure that all voices are heard.

Weekly gatherings include:

  • Interfaith Spiritual Life Luncheon
  • Roman Catholic Mass
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Bible Study
  • Jummah Prayer
  • Hillel, MSA, and Spiritual Life student meetings
  • Shabbat Dinners

Faith specific student groups Hillel, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Newman Club, and Muslim Student Association (MSA) meet weekly or bimonthly.

The Holy Day and Holiday dates of our traditions are central in our scheduling process. The online Calendar of Events provides updates on connections and transportation to area synagogues, mosques, temples, and churches.

If you are a prospective student or parent visiting this site as a part of your exploration of Western New England University, please feel free to contact us for more information, to connect with a Spiritual Life Student Council member, or to arrange for a meeting while you are on campus.