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Housing and Dining Accommodations

Housing/Dining  Accommodations

Western New England University is committed and dedicated to making its programs, services, and activities accessible for all students. We prohibit discrimination based on disability and strive to provide reasonable accommodations to students consistent with the Western New England  mission, policy, and applicable laws, as appropriate.

The housing and dining  accommodation requests  process represents a collaborative effort between students, Residence Life, Dining Services, Student Affairs, and Student Accessibility Services (SAS). As part of our commitment to establishing reasonable accommodations for qualified students with approved housing or dining  accommodations, WNE provides reasonable accommodations for housing and dining which may include modifications to the college’s policies and procedures, among other accommodations, unless any such modification(s) would result in a fundamental alteration of the college’s housing and dining programs, or create an undue burden to the college. Requested accommodations must be reasonable and are required to address the documented disability.

SAS Housing Accommodation Request Process:

  1. Complete the SAS Intake Form.
  2. Provide supporting medical documentation, additional documentation may be requested in the event that the documentation provided does not provide appropriate detail.
  3. Provide a written statement as to the need for the housing/dining accommodation.
  4. Participate in a SAS Welcome Meeting.
  5. Students seeking an ESA may be required to complete additional SAS forms.
  6. Housing accommodation requests should align with all posted deadlines, noted on the WNE Residence Housing page and listed below:
    • by the first Wednesday in March for currently enrolled students
    • by the first Monday in June for incoming students (those accepted through the Admissions Office)
    • all requests for housing-related accommodations are reviewed, and requests that adhere to the timelines as posted above are given priority
    • any requests submitted after the applicable deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case and as space is available
  7. On-campus housing is limited and for this reason, a single room assignment is only granted to students for whom no other accommodation is deemed reasonable, and only when available.
    1. Residential housing is not a distraction-free or reduced-distraction environment.
    2. An accommodation does not determine roommates.
  8. It is important to note that simply submitting the documentation does not equal an immediate approval. The SAS team will review all housing accommodation requests on an individual basis.
  9. All housing and dining accommodation requests are reviewed on an individual basis.
    1. Factors we may consider during the review process include, but are not limited to the diagnosis, the impact of the diagnosis on the student in the residential or dining setting, significant limitations or barriers that may  substantially limit or compromise the residential or dining experience.
  10. The SAS Welcome Meeting includes completion of a verbal questionnaire. All students are required to participate in this interactive self-report process.