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Register with SAS

Students with documented disabilities who seek accommodations at Western New England University will need to register with SAS following the steps outlined below:

Step One: Complete and return the Confidential Registration Form. It serves as a means to self-disclose and describe firsthand how a student’s disability impacts them in the educational environment. 

Step Two: Submit additional documentation or evidence that substantiates a disability. Typically, this documentation source comes from a third party evaluator. The information should describe the functional limitations, impact, and need for accommodations on a university campus. For a description of the criteria that is generally included in an evaluator's report, please refer to the Eligibility Process and Documentation Guidelines. Information from a third party may help to fill in any information gaps from other documentation sources.

In the absence of or in addition to a qualified professional report (e.g. Psychoeducational Evaluation, Neuropsychological Evaluation, IEP, 504 Plan, etc.), students may have their clinician complete the  Disability Certification Form which is also available online.

Step Three: SAS reviews the SAS Confidential Registration Form and other disability-related documentation submitted by the student. Upon review, SAS will schedule an intake meeting with each student to discuss their eligibility for accommodations. 

Step Four: Students attend and participate in an intake meeting with SAS. During this meeting, SAS and the student will review and confirm accommodations that they may be eligible to receive to address individualized documented needs. Students will also become familiar with accommodation procedures and related responsibilities and expectations. This completes the SAS registration process.

Note: Accommodations are individually determined based on the functional limitation(s) related to the student’s disability.

Please forward the form(s) and corresponding documentation to:

Student Accessibility Services
Western New England University
1215 Wilbraham Road, Herman Hall, Room 105
Springfield, MA 01119

Fax:  413-782-1575
Email: accessibility@wne.edu

Please call 413-782-1258 if you have any questions or need additional information.