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Who's Who at Western New England University

Students Recognized for Success

Western New England University's nominating committee has selected the following students for 2017 Who's Who at Western New England University. These students were chosen based upon their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and potential for continued success.

College of Arts and Sciences



College of Arts and Sciences

Isis P. Abiguime

Francisco Alvarado

Rachel E. Bolduc

Lexi-Amber Hassell

Gina R. Lanzano

Kristen N. Lovell

Sarah J. MacDonald

Alexis T. McCrae

Sean R. Morris

Samantha J. Palumbo

Kim Phu

Nilsa M. Salas



College of Business


College of Business

Jenna M. Beahn

Ryan E. Brault

Thaddeus T. France

Ta’Von M. Givens Hunter

Devin A. Kindred

Katelyn A. Rutty

Ryan S. Samuels

Iman S. Shehemi

Erika L. Sheinhait

Francesco S. Siniscalchi

Michael A. Spagnolo

College of Engineering


College of Engineering

Caroline R. Best

Anthony E. DeVita

Megan E. Ilnicky

Kathryn E. Jordan

Vincent Kubicsko

Tiffany-Rae Robinson

Sergio Rojas Soria Galvarro

Michael R. Veronesi