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Student Responsibilities

  • Disclose a disability to the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) in a timely manner when requesting accommodations by phone, email or appointment.
  • Provide appropriate, current documentation supporting the disability and the requested accommodation(s).
  • Review and understand the attendance policy and attend classes unless illness or emergency prevents them from doing so.
  • Meet the academic requirements of their courses and of their majors.
  • Interactively discuss with professors on how the accommodations are going to be implemented, particularly testing accommodations.
  • Inform SDS of barriers to educational opportunities.
  • Advise SDS of any accommodation needs.

If there are questions or concerns regarding a student's responsibilities as a registered member of Student Disability Services (SDS), please contact SDS at 413-782-1258.

In order to facilitate equitable access, Student Disability Services and the University offers a wide array of accommodations, including: 

In Class Accommodations

These accommodations are used in the classroom setting and may include note-taking assistance, reading software, recorded lectures, etc.

Testing Accommodations

These accommodations are used during exams and quizzes. These accommodations may include no scantron, extended time for exams, distraction reduced environment, use of a computer for written portions, etc.

Print Accommodations and Alternative Media

Print Accommodations are used for printed class materials (i.e., handouts), and alternative formatting. This may include digitization of books, brailled books, etc. 

Other Accommodations

Other accommodations may include priority registration, reduced course load, housing or dining accommodations, accessible classroom location, etc.

Please use the navigation menu to the left for information regarding the various types of accommodations, including the processes related to each.