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Other Services & Accommodations

Descriptions & Process

Priority Registration: Priority registration allows students to register for their classes early in the registration period. Priority registration is granted to students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. All priority registration requests must be reviewed and approved by SDS. This accommodation may be considered for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Use of Interpreters and/or Transcribers
  • Need for alternative formats of materials (i.e. large print, electronic or Braille)
  • Need to ensure appropriate physical access
  • Need to adjust class schedule due to medical issues

Process: Students wishing to request priority registration must contact SDS well in advance of the course registration period during each semester.

Course Substitutions (Foreign Language and Math): Some students may be eligible for a course substitution. This is not automatic because a student is registered with SDS or because they had this accommodation in high school.

Accessible Classroom Location: Moving class to an accessible location and/or providing adjustable height table: Students who need to ensure that their class is located in an accessible building and/or who may need an adjustable-height table should make sure to register early and confirm with SDS any of their accessibility needs. SDS works with the registrar and the individual departments to ensure classroom access. Therefore, it is critical that SDS be notified in a timely manner.