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Print Accommodations

Descriptions & Process

Alternate Format Production at SDS: Students with a variety of disabilities, including, but not limited to, blind/low vision, physical and learning disabilities, may require their print materials to be produced in an alternate format (electronic text, large print, Braille, etc). This process takes time. Therefore, it is critically important for students to get their books to SDS before they go home for the break at the end of the semester. Faculty can help with this process by submitting their required text lists to the bookstore as early as possible.

In-class materials (handouts): Students who are blind or who have low vision will need to have all class materials available in an appropriate alternate format (large print, Braille, electronic) so that they have access to the same information as other students. Many times documents can be emailed to them directly from the professor. If this is not possible, SDS can assist with the conversion process.

Process: Please submit materials to the Office of Student Disability Services as far in advance as possible in order to allow time for the conversion process.