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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student rights include:

  • Equal access to all University programs, services, facilities, and activities
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations based on documented needs
  • Privacy and confidentiality concerning your disability

Student responsibilities include:

  • Self-disclosing and directly engaging with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
  • Providing appropriate documentation in accordance with SAS guidelines
  • Specifying and requesting accommodations needed as related to your disability, monitoring effectiveness of accommodations approved, and keeping SAS informed especially when questions or concerns arise.
  • Following specific procedures to activate accommodations
  • Meeting all University academic and behavioral standards and requirements with or without reasonable accommodations

Once a student has completed the intake process and SAS has discussed and confirmed individualized accommodations based on a student’s documented need, students are responsible for engaging in specific processes and following procedures in order to ensure accommodations are in place.