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Special Interest Clubs

Writing, acting and much more!

Art Club

The Art Club is for any students interested in taking a break from regular school activities and for them to come and go at their leisure to do some art. The club obtains materials that best fits the interests for the group (paint, sketching material, pens etc.) and students are free to bring their own. The group also discuss any possibilities of what we want the Art Club to be. The club looks to host field trips and art exhibitions in the future, and is open to ideas for club-sponsored activities and events.

Campus Chorus

Campus Chorus helps singers continue their musical interests and experiences. It is open to all who want to join. The Campus Chorus provides entertainment and support during athletic events, as well as to the Western New England University and greater-Springfield communities.

Golden Bear Bands

The Golden Bear Bands are the collection of instrumental performing ensembles made up of students of any major and any level of playing ability. There are no try-outs necessary. There are several groups that perform including the Concert Band, Pep Band, Drumline and smaller groups like our newly-added Saxophone Quartet. They perform each semester at the fall and spring showcases, as well as at open houses, special events on campus, and sporting events. The Golden Bear Bands, together with the Campus Chorus, host Music Camp the week before the academic school year begins.

Improv on the Rocks

Improv on the Rocks performs comedy games for entertainment of students, faculty, staff, friends, family, and alumni.  The organization is an expression of performing arts and theater production. 

Stageless Players

The beauty of art is in the expression of it. In Stageless Players we pride ourselves in allowing each member to find the artist within themselves, be it on stage or off, and then watch it flourish. Each Fall semester, two student directors work to put on a Fall Show. In the Spring our adviser, Hillary Bucs, directs the Spring Musical with the help of music and choreography experts. Students can receive academic credit for their work with each production. Stageless Players is a family, and every semester we happily welcome new members with open arms. Come explore the talent within yourself.


The purpose of this club is to provide an opportunity for students to appreciate the art of Japanese Animation. Japanese art teaches Japanese culture and history in an entertaining manner. Our club meetings will focus on the issues within the story lines of the shows and films, shown during the meeting.

Writer’s Workshop

Writer's Workshop is a club for anyone who loves writing. Students of all majors come together with any type of writing to read and give each other constructive feedback. It's a workshop experience free from the pressures of a classroom that allows members to become better writers and find a community of students who share their interest in writing.

Dancing, hiking and much more!


If you bleed blue and gold, Cheerleading Club is the perfect way to promote school spirit! The Club is open to men and women who are full-time undergraduate students and in good standing in accordance with the University’s policies. You’ll cheer in front of a live crowd at football and basketball games, as well as at special events, including Midnight Madness.

Club Rugby

Looking for a fun team sport, that requires no prior experience? Check out the Western New England University Men’s Rugby Club. Men’s rugby offers a great way to meet new friends, learn a new sport, keep your competitive edge, and stay in shape. Each season lasts approximately 10 weeks. There is a traditional fall season and a non-traditional spring season, which is typically focused on tournament play.

Dance Team

As a member of the Dance Team, you will learn a variety of dance styles and techniques, as well as work together as a team. Members promote and support enthusiasm for campus activities and varsity athletic teams. All full-time undergraduate students in good accordance with the University may try out to be a performer on the Dance Team. The team performs at Midnight Madness, select home football games, and all home basketball games. In addition, the Dance Team organizes an annual Spring Recital and donates the proceeds of the show to a selected organization or person in need.

Film Society

If you’re a film buff, you’ll meet like-minded people at The Film Society. The format is similar to that of a book club. Members of the club choose a movie to watch and then have an open discussion at the next meeting. Discussion typically revolves around characters, plot, themes, symbols, and overall opinion about the movie. The Film Society has previously visited a film museum, gone to the movie theaters, and hosted multiple screenings on campus.

FIRST Robotics Club

The WNE FIRST Robotics Club is student led and student driven. Welcoming students from any major, members support the University's FIRST Robotics initiative for becoming a hub for recruitment, knowledge sharing, resource management, and skills development for local community and K-12 STEM and robotics programs. Club members mentor current FIRST teams, help start new teams within the Springfield School District, and assist with competitions on campus. 

Golden Bear Commuter Council

The Golden Bear Commuter Council is a recognized student organization dedicated to advocate for concerns specific to commuter students. Encouraging campus unity through partnerships with departments, student organizations, and on-campus residents, the Golden Bear Commuter Council strives to create the best possible college experience for Western New England University students. The Golden Bear Commuter Council meets on a weekly basis, at a time that works for the majority of all students. Meetings provide council members time for discussing issues important to commuters and for planning events open to all students who live off campus.The Commuter Council is the best forum on campus for discussing issues affecting commuting students. 

Paintball Club

Paintball is one of the fastest growing and most popular sports in the country. The Paintball Club is a great way to have fun. Paintball Club teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, safety, and responsibility.

Outing Club

Hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, biking, rafting— the Outing Club does it all! If you have a love for the outdoors and recreational activities, the Outing Club is for you. We're here to support student’s interest in outdoor leadership and recreational activities, and to raise awareness of the importance of enjoying and preserving our natural world.

Raquetball Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for students interested in Racquetball to learn and practice the sport at a level outside that of a standard racquetball course. The members of this organization will also have the option to compete in collegiate tournaments against schools from around the nation.

Ultimate Frisbee

WNE Ultimate Frisbee is open to players of all levels, from novice to Brodie level. We play daily during allowable weather. We run training and information sessions as well as play full games. So, come for a day or for the season.


The western New England University Association of Role Players, WARP, is a club that was formed to accommodate those who are interested in gaming of all kinds. We Play Magic the Gathering and other Trading card games, Table top RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Board Games and video games. We seek to plan exciting events for players new and old. So if you are experienced or just learning join and have a good time. All are welcome

Step Squad

The squad has tryouts in the fall and performs at Midnight Madness as well as basketball games. The step squad performs routines packed with flair, rhythm and synchronization.

Action, unity and much more!


C.A.R.E. is dedicated to helping students from WNE to learn about the Springfield community, engage in thought-provoking service experiences, and making friends! With a variety of service projects every month, students will be able to pick and choose what they would like to partake in. C.A.R.E. is open to all students, and all service projects qualify to fulfill mandatory service hours.

Feminists Unite!

Feminists Unite! seeks to be a forum where respectful dialogue between all viewpoints is encouraged. We are dedicated to the interrogation and eradication of sexism on our campus, our community, and the wider world. Its goal is to raise awareness of the reality of sexism and gender inequality. As a member, you will seek to respond to the diverse challenges that the different genders face and will work to increase women and girls' active participation in their schools and communities. You will also celebrate the current and historical achievements of women and affirm the myriad of realities that have brought us all to feminist struggle.

Gender/Sexuality Alliance

Ally? Gay? Student Leader? Genderqueer? Lesbian? Pansexual? Questioning? Friend? Transgender? Social Butterfly? Bisexual? Equality Advocate? Come help us set the climate on campus so all feel welcomed and accepted.

The Western New England Gender/Sexuality Alliance is a group of students, staff, and faculty that are dedicated to promoting equality on campus. We are an accepting group, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religious backgrounds, age, race, or labels. We seek to create an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for all students, staff, and faculty.

We hope to provide a community of friendship and support for LGBTQ students as well as a forum for the discussion of issues relating to gender, sexuality, and the GLBTQA community. We strive to both educate ourselves and raise awareness among the University community. Diverse views and confidentiality are always respected. We take part in many activities and events such as Ally Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Day of Silence, numerous national campaigns, and an array of social events.

Global Sustainability Club

If you’re passionate about saving the planet, you can make an impact on campus with the Global Sustainability Club. This organization is devoted to aiding environmental cleanup efforts and raising awareness about environmental issues both on and off campus. The organization’s mission is to educate the campus about environmental issues and to make Western New England a more sustainable institution.

International Club

Want to learn about other cultures and how to promote international awareness on campus? The International Club helps develop relationships between the international and the university community; promotes the interaction of people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds; serves as a resource for the internationalization of the campus; and acts as a support system for international students and domestic students who have returned from a study abroad experience.

Model United Nations

This club was organized to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable insight into national and international politics. In the past, the club has sponsored the High School Model United Nations program and has participated in the Harvard Model United Nations program which allows students to expand their knowledge in the fields of international relations and in American and foreign policy. The club sponsors speakers who inform and offer the student body opportunities to learn about career opportunities in the field of government and political science. Currently, the club is focusing on Model United Nations competitions.

NAMI on Campus

NAMI on Campus is a student-run campus organization dedicated to the education, advocacy, and support of mental health at WNE. It's purpose is to educate the student body about mental health to raise awareness of mental health issues, encourage those with mental health issues to seek help, offer support and services to those with mental health issues and/or their family members and friends, and advocate for mental health on campus. The goal is to end stigma associated with mental health issues and so that those impacted feel comfortable enough to seek help and to speak openly about mental health and treatment.

Newman Club

The Newman Club is an opportunity for students to engage in spiritual growth and community service. Regular liturgies, programs, and services are provided by Campus Ministry. The Newman Club is a Catholic based, but not exclusive, group whose membership will be open to all full-time students, faculty, and staff who express a desire to be involved in the Newman Club and its activities.

One In Four

One in Four is a nationally recognized organization that works to better the statistic that one in four women has been sexually assaulted or raped while in college. One in Four works towards this goal by educating the University community through presentations organized in conjunction with the Office of Residence Life, as well as with the mandatory Health courses all undergraduate students must take. One in Four also sponsors Walk a Mile In Her Shoes and Denim Day, events that work to further educate the university community, while also helping local organizations such as the YWCA. Currently, membership in One in Four is limited to men.

Sexual Misconduct Advocate Response Team (SMART)

The Sexual Misconduct Advocate Response Team, or SMART, is passionate about raising awareness about the issues of sexual assault on college campuses. We strive to educate students about sexual assault and encourage them to engage in meaningful dialogues about the issue. Along with raising awareness, we also run a 24/7 confidential sexual assault hotline that's available to Western New England students. To prepare our members for running this hotline, we receive training from various resources, including Public Safety, Counseling Services, Health Services, and the local Young Women's Christian Organization (YWCA). Sexual assault is not an easy issue to talk about, however, discussions need to take place and awareness needs to be raised—silence only persists the issue.

United and Mutually Equal (U+ME)

United and Mutually Equal is an organization for students who are interested in learning about different cultures and ethnicities. Its main purpose is to embrace diversity throughout the campus, as well as to promote ideals of mutual equality and respect. Through many events and activities such as campus-wide dinners, inspirational speakers, and festivals, the club encourages students to learn about diversity and multicultural values while striving to address and educate students about contemporary social issues. It also acts as a support system for students from various backgrounds.

Student Veteran's Organization

The Student Veteran Organization connects veterans with on-campus resources needed for college success, connect veterans with students of similar backgrounds and interests, generate awareness of veterans on campus, create and promote camaraderie, and serves as a voice for veterans on campus. Through meetings, events and activities, the organization hopes to address the challenges student veterans face associated with the transition from military service to student life at Western New England University. The organization also affiliates with the Student Veterans of America.

W.H.A.T (Western New England Health Awareness Team)

W.H.A.T is a diverse group of students who promote informed decisions about pertinent health-related topics through active listening, programming, exciting events/activities, and written materials. W.H.A.T is a lively group of students who believe in honest discussion about health issues and believe all students have the right to feel safe and comfortable on campus.