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Student Senate Organizations

Get Involved in student government and activity planning!

Student Senate

The undergraduate student government, “Voice of the Students”, serves as the official liaison between the Student Association and the University. The Student Senate serves as the legislative and executive branches of student governance and is a recognized forum of student opinion. A major responsibility by the Senate is the budgeting and administering of student activity fees to the various student organizations on campus. The goal for this organization is to reach out to undergraduate population and let their comments, concerns, opinions, and voices be heard.

The Senate is comprised of a President and Vice-President, elected by the entire student body, a Secretary and Treasurer appointed by the President. Student Senate Senators are made up of Class Representatives, College Representatives (Arts & Science, Business, and Engineering), Resident Representatives, Commuter Representatives and Senator at Large. All representatives are elected by the constituents of their electoral positions.

Campus Activities Board

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is one of the Student Senate's largest subcommittees and the main catalyst to University programming on and off campus. CAB provides programming of different genres including comedy, concert performances, entertainers, leisure trips, and recreational activities. In addition to these smaller events, CAB is also responsible for programming larger annual events that have turned into cherished campus traditions, such as WNEPalooza, Family and Friends Weekend, Freak Week, and Spring Event. If you consider yourself an expert party planner, or want to make sure there’s always something going on around campus, CAB will help you make it happen.


Unite with your class

Freshman Council

Freshman Council is the perfect way to get involved in the University starting, with your first days on campus. Freshman Council organizes activities for your graduating class and holds events open to all students. Council is designed to challenge and grow your leadership potential, allow for class unity, and become the catalyst for great friendships. Freshman council will hold programs, community service outings, and allow the members to be in charge of the organization. 

Sophomore Council

Sophomore Class Council is a group of about 25 members that work together to host fun social programs from the campus community. Council programing includes FRIDAYS programs, fundraising, community service and Midnight Madness; a clash of the classes. They also work collaboratively with the Coordinator of Sophomore Experience to put on innovative, informative and educational programs specifically designed for sophomores.  Sophomore Council is a fun way for students to get involved, meet students, and gain valuable leadership experience. 

Junior Council

Junior Class Council is a group with strong leadership traits that work together to host events on campus. Each semester Junior Council hosts a Friday's event, and participates in Midnight Madness every year. At the end of spring semester, planning starts for senior formal, senior week, and the 200/100 days to graduation celebrations.

Senior Council

Senior Class Council is a group of about 25 students who have worked together for the last three years hosting FRIDAY’s programs, doing community service and fundraising for their senior events. Come senior year, they work diligently to plan the major senior social events such as, 200 days/100 days parties, Senior Formal and Senior Week. They also host a FRIDAY’s program in the fall and work collaboratively with the other councils to host “Lights Out” in the Spring Semester. Everything they have learned and worked towards on council has prepared them to put on some great programs for their class to wrap up their time at Western New England.