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Alternative Breaks

Forget Cancun... Skip the Bahamas... Take an Alternative Break

Spend your time off doing some good in the world through an Alternative Spring or Fall Break trip. For more than 15 years, our students have made positive impacts worldwide by aiding those dealing with hunger, homelessness, and disabilities. Students have rescued endangered animals, promoted environmental stewardship, and even assisted in the resettlement of refugees. While memories of fun in the sun may fade with time, the impact of an alternative break experience can be more than just memorable, it can be life-changing.

Previous ASB Trips

Our students have made several visits to Pulaski, VA, to work with impoverished youth through Beans and Rice, Inc. They have assisted with Hurricane Sandy clean up and environmental preservation on the Appalachian Trail. Since 2001, they have logged thousands of miles across the country, bringing the Western New England University ethic for hard work and community concern to communities in need.

Application/Reference Information

Embodying the values of caring and active participation through service that are integral to a Western New England University education, it is not surprising that the Alternative Break Programs are incredibly popular. Applications for the spring trip are due in October, so plan early in order to participate in a truly one of a kind learning experience.

Unique Learning Opportunities

  • Take Learning Beyond the Classroom

    Learning takes on meaning through reflection. That is the theory behind our Learning Beyond the Classroom program. This General Education Requirement enables you to apply the theories and concepts learned in the classroom to the athletic field, the workplace, the community, and across the campus.

  • Be at the Office for Student Volunteerism

    If you are passionate about using your education for the greater good, you can make a difference through the Office for Student Volunteerism. Through direct service, education and reflection, you'll gain an appreciation for the importance of civic responsibility and explore ways in which you can become an active citizen.