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Office for Student Volunteerism

The Office for Student Volunteerism educates students to be socially conscious, skilled, and committed to a just, diverse and democratic community. The Office for Student Volunteerism offers a wide range of community service programs, which provide students the opportunity to be civically engaged, explore the root causes of social issues, foster reciprocal relationships with community members, and gain cultural competence.

Through direct service, education, and reflection, students will realize and understand the importance of civic responsibility, explore ways in which they can impact their local, national and global communities, and become active citizens.

About Us


Western New England University has a long history of engaging students, faculty, and staff in the Springfield community and beyond. Prior to 2001, service activities were organized by various offices and departments across campus. As more programs began to develop, there was a need for organized support to help guide this process. In 2001 a proposal was submitted to Massachusetts Campus Compact to receive an AmeriCorps *VISTA member to help grow service and engagement programs on campus. As a result of the expansion of such great programs and the creation of new community partnerships, the Volunteer Connection Center (VCC) was created. On July 1, 2011 the Volunteer Connection Center became the Center for Civic Engagement, and has been recently been renamed the Office for Student Volunteerism.

Why Civic Engagement?

Civic Engagement is a term used to describe activities which promote the bridging of communities with socially concious thought and action. Our office works to build student awareness on issues impacting the community, as well as faciliate the opportunities for students to actively participate in activities of community organizations.

Our Staff

Andrea St. James

Kristen McClintock
Assistant Director