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Video Presentations

Why WNE? Why Now?
When our students and graduates talk about why they are glad they chose to attend WNE, they all speak of one thing: how personal connections have helped them to succeed—on campus and in their careers. From the classroom to the playing field, our professors, staff, coaches, and above all, your fellow students, will be here to support you and make you instantly feel a part of the Golden Bear Family.

So take a look around, explore these videos, and see why now, more than ever, WNE is the right choice for you. See you soon!

Admissions Presentations

  • Admissions: Congratulations!

    Shout out to the members of the Class of 2024 from Chris Wystepek, director of outreach and recruitment! Chris celebrates your acceptance to Western New England University and the effort it took for you to be among this select group of new members of our community. 

  • Admissions: Application Process

    Not accepted yet? No worries, there's still time to apply for fall through our rolling admissions policy. Follow along with Director of Outreach and Recruitment Chris Wystepek as he walks you step-by-step through the WNE admissions process. Once your application is complete, typically admissions decisions are processed within one week. For questions, reach out to learn@wne.edu. Or Apply now.

  • Admissions: Understanding Financial Aid

    Kathy Chambers from Enrollment Services walks you through the process of understanding your Financial Aid package from Merit Scholarships to loans. If you have questions, email: finaid@wne.edu, and a member of our staff will reach out to you.

College of Arts and Sciences Presentations

  • Arts and Sciences: Overview

    Assistant Deans Karl Martini and Josie Brown welcome you to a video produced by Communication majors that provides an inside look into the programs, people, and environment that make the College of Arts & Sciences such a great place to learn and prepare to launch your career.

  • Want to see what our Arts and Sciences students are up to?

    Check out some recent projects completed by our students. We’ve created a YouTube playlist of some of our favorites!

College of Business Presentations

  • Business: Overview

    Dean Sharianne Walker’s talk discusses how WNE is a bridge to your dream career through its career-focused academic programs, accreditation among the top 5 percent of business programs worldwide, outstanding faculty mentors, relevant internships, access to technology and in-demand certifications, and connections to industry and alumni professionals.

  • Business: Student Managed Investment Fund

    Our business curriculum is all about hands-on learning. Professor Bryan Schmultz and students Jake Wendel and Brad Sherman talk about our special course that empowers students to manage a real $100,000 investment fund as they prepare for careers in finance.

  • Business: Sport Management

    Professor Harvey Shrage talks about the value of teamwork at WNE and how the Sport Management program can help you turn your passion for sports into a professional career. Learn about the dynamic backgrounds of our faculty/mentors, exciting internship and international opportunities, and how our program has been a launching pad to careers with professional sports franchises and facilities, the sporting goods industry, media, collegiate athletics, and more. 

  • Business: Pharmaceutical and Health Care

    Now more than ever the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare field need bright business minds. Student Courtney Carlson talks with Professor Harlan Spotts about this unique program and what makes it an ideal choice for students who love science, but want to pursue a career in business.

  • Business: Learning Interest Community

    Start now to build your personal brand. Assistant Dean Kara Kapinos is joined by student Resident Advisor Conner Murphy to talk about how you can benefit from living in the Rising Business Professionals Learning Interest Community among other first year business students at WNE.

  • Business: Marketing

    Want real world marketing experience for real clients—before you graduate? Listen to a panel of students and Professor Harlan Spotts and Professor Janelle Goodnight talk about a collaborative course that allows teams of marketing students to apply classroom learning to work with real clients to solve their business problems and how that experience is opening career doors for them.

  • Business: Global Scholars

    Business is happening every day all around the world. Director of the Global Scholars Program Professor Jeanie Forray and four Global Scholars students discuss the travel and learning opportunities available in the Global Scholars Program.

  • Business: Honors Program

    If you are in the pursuit of excellence, the Honors Program will give you an added boost through increased academic rigor, networking, and professional opportunities. Professor Curt Hamakawa discusses the Honors Program curriculum and the many opportunities for Honors students, such as Honors Council, the Honors housing program, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society, and the Cohen Scholars Program.

  • Business: First Year Seminar

    Our College of Business majors are truly well-rounded; you’ll not only learn key concepts, but the skills needed in your industry. Plus, you’ll have all the support you need to succeed academically. Professor Alison Sawyer and two students share how to make the most of the First Year Seminar course in the College of Business.

  • Business: Accounting

    Professor Alison Sawyer and two students share what the Accounting program is like at Western New England, internships, and their experiences in the College of Business.

College of Engineering Presentations

  • Engineering: Overview

    Are you interesting in engineering? This inside look at the College of Engineering will show you how we take students and turn them into innovative engineers, starting on day one.

  • Engineering: First Year Projects

    The Engineering Fundamentals Program gets first-year students thinking like an engineer right away. By their second semester, students are prepared to join teams and create an innovative smart product that solves a real-world problem, which is displayed at the Engineering Expo at the end of the year. Here are some of our students’ exciting and innovative projects.

  • Engineering: Biomedical

    Combining engineering and biological principles, Biomedical Engineers are at the cutting edge of medical technology. Professor Rob Gettens offers a complete overview of the Biomedical Medical Engineering major at Western New England University and exciting potential career options.

  • Engineering: Civil and Environmental

    From water treatment and roads, to bridges and dams, if you’re interested in the infrastructure that keeps society running, the Civil Engineering major at WNE offers hands-on learning experiences to help you get the job done. Professor Katherine Schlef gives you a look inside some of the Civil and Environmental Engineering labs and what the Civil Engineering major will have in store for you as a student.

  • Engineering: Electrical and Computer

    Electrical and computer engineers are key players in modern technology. Faculty members and students dive into the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering majors and how WNE prepares students to be an important part of the industry and the future of technology.

  • Engineering: Industrial

    Industrial Engineers can be found in any industry, making processes more efficient and cost effective. Professor Christian Salmon introduces you to Industrial Engineering as both a major and a career path, and shows you what the life of an Industrial Engineering student at WNE looks like.

  • Engineering: Mechanical

    What makes our Mechanical Engineering graduates so well-prepared for their careers? Speaking from the Mechatronics Lab, Professor Mohammad Khosrowjerdi discusses how WNE's applied/hands-on approach to engineering education gives our graduates an edge in the job market. He shares how our faculty's backgrounds and ongoing connections to major corporations provide a bridge from academics to industry that leads to career-building internships and industry-sponsored projects.

  • Want to see what our Engineering students are up to?

    Check out some recent projects completed by our students. We’ve created a YouTube playlist of some of our favorites!

Athletics Presentations

  • Athletics: Freshman and Transition

    Many former high school student-athletes continue playing sports at WNE. Golden Bear athletes reveal why they chose WNE to pursue both their education and favorite sport, and what their transition into college was like.

  • Athletics: Being a Golden Bear

    What does being a Golden Bear mean to our student-athletes? They share their insights and mentality about education and sports at WNE.

A Miracle on Wilbraham Road

From modest beginnings with classes offered in Springfield's YMCA, Western New England University has become a leader in high quality, highly personal private higher education. See how far we've come.