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Donor Stories and Recognition

Meet some of the people who, through their gifts and commitments to Western New England University, are helping to create a prosperous future for our students and communities everywhere.

Inspiring Donor Stories

  • Kevin S. Delbridge '77

    Remarks from The Kevin S. Delbridge Welcome Center Re-dedication

    "When I stepped onto this campus in 1971 never in my wildest dreams did I think that my name would be affixed to a magnificent building like the Welcome Center. In fact it was probably about on this spot I would park my Volkswagen Beatle every day to go to class. Its hard for words to describe how honored I am. But I am very, very honored, so I thank you.

    Now a lot has happened since 1971 both for myself and for Western New England. With my college education I was able to embark upon a career in a fast-growing segment of the financial services industry, but also during that 35 years of time Western New England University has worked hard to continue to develop its identity, its character, and its importance to students. And undoubtedly over the past 35 years, thousands of students have had great foundations in their educations here at the University.

    You know I must say I'm somewhat in awe at having my name on a building along with all the other names that you see here on the campus. These are people who have meant so much to the college over the years. For instance, past presidents, for which Churchill Hall and Herman Hall are named, or for those that have served for many years and continue to serve the University very actively, such as Emerson Hall, Sleith Hall, or the LaRiviere Center. Also facilities that are named for loved ones such as Rivers Memorial, and the George E. Trelease Memorial Baseball Park.

    These are people who have devoted so much for the college and I feel I need to do so much over the next few years to earn a rightful place next to these names, but I welcome this opportunity and thank you very much for this honor."