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Faculty Grants

Please Note: There is currently a moratorium on Faculty Grants.

The Faculty Grants Committee of the Faculty Council, in conjunction with the Provost, administers grants to faculty in the areas of curriculum and course development, professional development, or research. The committee accepts and reviews applications once per year. Any individual holding faculty rank in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, or Engineering is eligible to apply for these grants.  

Grant Categories

Curriculum and Course Development Grants

The committee will accept proposals that will result in significant curricular and/or course development that is encouraged by the appropriate administration. In general, proposals eligible for support by Curriculum and Course Development funds fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Requests for support to develop inter-disciplinary curriculum; 

  • Requests for support of significant curriculum development;

  • Requests for support when new course development leads to professional development of the faculty member;

  • Requests for support to develop new programs.

Faculty Development Grants

The primary purpose of a Faculty Development Grant is to further the professional development of the recipient. In general, proposals eligible for support by Faculty Development funds fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Requests for support, especially from beginning faculty members, to gain knowledge and experience in various modes of instruction within their discipline;

  • Requests for support to attend seminars, workshops, mini-courses, and/or institutes;

  • Requests for support to gain experience and/or education in non-traditional modes of instruction within their discipline;

  • Requests for support to gain experience and/or education in the use of technology in instruction;

  • Requests for support to perform research regarding student learning within the discipline.

Research Grants

Any faculty member is eligible to apply for a Research Grant, but the Committee will be especially sympathetic to requests from those who fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Newly hired or junior faculty members who need assistance for research projects not sufficiently developed (in terms of the project or the reputation of the investigator) to justify support from outside sponsors;

  • Experienced investigators who are in the process of developing a new project and who need assistance to try out their ideas before applying for major support elsewhere;

  • Faculty members who have been involved in research over several years and need additional support to obtain critical material or to finish their work for publication;

  • Investigators who want to work on a "small" project or who are engaged in work for which there would be difficulty in obtaining outside support because of limiting conditions such as the specialized nature of the research;

  • Requests for support to attend summer research institutes or other formal research or study programs.  Support will vary according to the length of the institute and the amount of financial aid available to the applicant from the sponsor of the program.

General Information

Although there is no restriction on the number of awards an individual may receive over the years, it should be understood that if funds are insufficient to support all recommended requests, all other factors being equal, preference will be given to those who have not received support previously.

These grants are not to be used for the support of advanced degrees, including theses and their publications.


Recommendations for funding of these grants are made with the following understandings. Acceptance of the award includes acceptance of these understandings:

  • Acceptance signifies intent to continue at the University for the following academic year.

  • The University requires adherence to the proposal’s original objectives.

  • Grant recipients are required to submit a written report of their activities and results within 90 days of completion of the work performed. This report should be submitted electronically to the Provost.

  • Every publication directly resulting from a grant will carry an acknowledgment stating that the work was carried out with the support of the Western New England University Faculty Grant. In addition, each grantee is requested to furnish one copy of any resulting papers, books or other publications to the University Library.