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Academic Affairs Policies

Academic Integrity Policy

At Western New England University, honesty in all academic work is expected of every student. This means giving one’s own answer in all class work, quizzes, and examinations without help from any source not approved by the instructor. Written material is to be the student’s original composition. Appropriate credit must be given for outside sources from which ideas, language, or quotations are derived. Students are cautioned that purchasing term papers from any source is a violation of academic honesty. Addition>al information on academic honesty may be found in the Student Code of Conduct.

In the event that a student commits an action of academic integrity, a range of sanctions may be applied. In the event that a student has two violations of academic integrity, suspension or dismissal may be a consideration. In these cases, the hearing body will be the All University Disciplinary Board (when classes are in session) or the Dean of Students Office when the Board is not available. The AUDB is a recommending body and their recommendation is forwarded on to the Assistant or Associate Dean of Students for a decision. In academic integrity cases, the appeal of the decision would be heard by the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Course Approval Policy for GURs

In order for a course to be designated as one which satisfies one of the GURs (General University Requirements), it must be submitted to and approved by Faculty Council.

GUR Course Approval Policy