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Deposited Students Next Steps

I'm Deposited for the Fall, What's Next?

Activate Your WNE ID and Email

Beginning May 3, you will receive an email from the University within 1–2 business days of making your deposit containing your User ID, with details on activating your ID and accessing your WNE email.

If you have not received this email, please call the Office of Admissions at 413-782-1321.

Login to Kodiak

Kodiak is a platform that will be used in a number of your classes for the purpose of online homework submissions, deliver quizzes and surveys, hosting online discussions, making announcements, and more.

You will be placed into a Kodiak classroom for new students which will provide you with one space to get information and stay engaged so you are prepared at orientation as well as on the first day of classes. The Kodiak classroom is also where you will find links to Self-Service, THD, and other important University resources.

You must activate your WNE ID and set up your email in order to login to Kodiak.

Register for Summer Orientation (SOAR)

Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) is a two-day program held on selected dates through the summer months. In the past, nearly 95% of first-year students, most with their parents, participate.

The current dates of SOAR are:

  • June 16-June 17
  • June 23-June 24
  • June 29-June 30
  • July 6-July 7
  • July 12-July 13
  • July 15 (Transfer SOAR)

Registration for SOAR will be available to deposited students on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning on May 3. Health and safety measures will be in place such as mask-wearing and social distancing protocols. To learn more and sign up for a date, click here.

Please note all students and guests attending SOAR will be expected to provide either a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival or proof of full vaccination record. Students and guests who show up without either documentation will not be able to attend the program.


Placement testing in both English and Mathematics is required for all first-year students and in some cases transfer students in order to register for classes. These placement tests assist us in determining which courses are best suited for you. We strongly suggest that placement exams be completed by June 1 but ultimately, they should be completed at least 72 hours prior to coming to SOAR, as you cannot register for classes without completing both assessments. Placement tests will be available on the 2021 Orientation Resources Kodiak Page after May 3, 2021.


Students will register for courses as a part of SOAR. In preparation for SOAR and registration, you will need to have completed your placement exams as well as the pre-registration survey both of which can be found in the Kodiak classroom.

Complete Your Health Forms

All new students must submit health forms, which include immunization records as well as a physical exam. Health Forms can be found either in the Kodiak Orientation Classroom or on the Applicant Status Page

Understand the Required Health Insurance Policy

Student health insurance is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and every student must submit an online waiver or enrollment form every year. If you do not submit a waiver, your bill will reflect a charge for health insurance and you will be responsible for this charge.

To complete the waiver form, visit www.gallagherstudent.com/wne. Typically you are able to start this process in early June. We will communicate with you the exact date as soon as it is available.

Important note for International Students

In order to waive the insurance, your policy must be from a U.S. based insurance company with coverage that meets or exceeds our plan. Most personal insurance plans will not meet the university's requirements.

Government sponsored students: If part of your scholarship covers health insurance, you will need to complete the waiver form at www.gallagherstudent.com/wne. If you do not submit a waiver, you will be responsible for the bill as your government will not cover it.

Exchange students: One-semester exchange students will not need to purchase the insurance. For full-year students, you will need to follow the process outlined above as you are required to have health insurance.

Housing and Roommate Selection

At Western New England University, there is a three-step process for housing and roommate selection, which takes place through THD. You can access THD through the Connect2U portal:

The first step is the housing application. The new undergraduate student housing application will be available in THD starting on May 3. The application includes a questionnaire that will help you match with compatible roommates as well as the ability to express interest in the housing that you would like—building preferences, Honors housing, etc. We encourage you to complete this step by no later than June 1 in order to make sure that your bill will display the charges for housing as accurately as possible (a placeholder charge will be placed on your account until your actual housing assignment is done later in the summer) as well as to make sure that you have the opportunity to connect with other new students. You can always change your application preferences after you have completed the application, but keep in mind that if you change your preferences for where you would like to live, that could impact your ultimate housing cost.

The second step is matching with roommates. If you already know who you want to live with, you can form a group with them in THD once you have both completed your housing application. If you are looking for a roommate, you can search for roommates in THD to find someone compatible based on the questionnaire answers, and then once you find someone you can form a group with them. Students should complete this step by July 15. If you don’t form a group with someone by July 15, you will be paired with a roommate based on your housing preferences and questionnaire answers.

The third step is housing placement. Students who have completed a housing application will be placed in housing no later than July 30. When you are placed in housing, you will receive an email from THD confirming your housing assignment and roommate. Once you have been assigned to housing, your bill will reflect the most accurate housing charges. 

Understand and Accept Your Financial Aid Offer

As part of our Culture of Financial Wellness, we want to ensure that all families fully understand the financial investment of a Western New England University education. Our Enrollment Services Office can provide an overview of applying for financial aid, how to receive alternative financing, and instructions on how to sign up for a payment plan. Our Financial Aid Counselors are available to assist you with questions about financing your education at WNE. Learn more about how they can assist you and how to contact them here.

In order to accept your financial aid offer, you will need to log into Self-Service.

Enrollment Services
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA 01119

Phone: 413-796-2080
Fax: 413-796-2081

Set up Parent Proxy

In order for your parents to be able to see your bill as well as other parts of your student record, the Parent Proxy will need to be set up in Self-Service. You can find information about this process at https://www1.wne.edu/enrollment-services/proxy.cfm.

Submit Your Final Official Transcripts

In order to begin classes, you must have all final, official transcripts sent to the admissions office. Scanned copies from you are not considered official. Review the "Admitted Checklist" section of the Application Status page to see any materials you are missing. If you have any questions regarding transcripts, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Buying a Computer

If you are thinking about buying a computer to bring to college, you may be wondering what to purchase. Our Office of Information Technology (OIT) has posted some points to consider. Check the OIT Handbook for more information.

Connect on Social Media

We encourage you to join the Class of 2025 Facebook Group which offers a platform for you to begin meeting your fellow classmates, discuss upcoming events and important dates, and get a head start on becoming actively involved in the Western New England community. All new students, regardless of year, are encouraged to join this group. If you have any questions regarding the page, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Parents and families are also encouraged to join the 2021 – 2022 Golden Bear Parent and Family Network Facebook Group.

When requesting to join one of these groups, please be sure to answer the two membership questions that appear after requesting so that we may properly verify the student’s information and ensure only new incoming students and their family members are being added.