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Deposited Students Next Steps

I'm Deposited for January, What's Next?

Starting in January? If you are going to be starting here in January, please click here for a checklist of items to complete.

I'm Deposited for the Fall, What's Next?

Activate Your WNE ID

Approximately 4 business days after making your tuition deposit, you will receive an email from the University containing your username and default password, with details on activating your ID and accessing Connect2U.

Connect2U is different than your Application Status page. The Application Status page should be used during the admissions process in order to submit application materials, check your application status, submit your deposit, and submit final transcripts. Connect2U will give you access to class registration, our online learning management system, online billing, and other important information you will need to be successful once you begin at WNE.

In order to activate your WNE ID, you have to first change your password. To do this, click here. Your username is the first part of your email address (before the @wne.edu) and your initial password is a nine-digit number consisting of the number 9, the two-digit month, the two-digit day of your birthday, and the last four digits of your Social Security number - 9MMDDSSSS. (International students who do not have a social security number should use 0000 as the last four digits of the social security number).

You will be asked to read and agree to the University's Acceptable Use Policy for Technical Resources. Clicking on "I Agree" will bring you to the Change Password page. Decide on a password that is easy to remember. A word that appears in the dictionary is too simple and will be rejected. Passwords that contain both letters and numbers, or special characters work best. Note your username and new password in a secure place. For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password every seven weeks.

If you have questions, please contact our Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 413-796-2200 or access the Login Help page.

Login to Connect2U

Connect 2U is the University's student portal, which will give you access to many important services for current students, including our online learning management system, access to online billing, and other important information you will need to be successful.

After activating your WNE ID in the above step, Connect2U can be accessed at https://connect2u.wne.edu. Please note that Connect2U is different than your Application Status page and requires a different username and password.

If you have an issue accessing Connect2U, please contact our Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 413-796-2200.

Register for SOAR (Fall Students)

You and your parents are invited to take part in the two-day SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration) program held on selected dates through the summer months. Nearly 95% of first year students, most with their parents, participate.

2020 SOAR Dates:

  • June 23–24
  • July 1–2
  • July 7–8
  • July 13 (Transfer)
  • July 16–17

Registration for SOAR will be available to deposited students on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on May 2.

Health Forms

All new students must submit health forms, which include immunization records as well as a physical exam. Athletes (intercollegiate, not intramural) will need to submit additional forms to compete at the college level.

Details on the specific forms that are required can be found on the Health Services website. Select the "Forms" option on the left navigation bar.

Students who do not submit completed health forms by the first day of classes will not be able to start class.

Health Insurance

Student health insurance is mandated by the commonwealth of Massachusetts and every student must submit an online waiver or enrollment form every year. If you do not submit a waiver, your bill will reflect a charge for health insurance and you will be responsible for this charge.

To complete the waiver form, visit www.gallagherstudent.com/wne, beginning June 15.

Important note for International Students

In order to waive the insurance, your policy must be from a U.S. based insurance company with coverage that meets or exceeds our plan. Most personal insurance plans will not meet the university's requirements.

Government sponsored students - If part of your scholarship covers health insurance, you will need to complete the waiver form at www.gallagherstudent.com/wne. If you do not submit a waiver, you will be responsible for the bill as your government will not cover it.

Exchange students - One-semester exchange students will not need to purchase the insurance. For full-year students, you will need to follow the process outlined above as you are required to have health insurance.

Placement Testing

Placement testing in both English and Mathematics is required for all first-year students in order to register for classes. These placement tests assist us in determining which courses are best suited for you. Placement tests should be completed at least 72 hours prior to coming to SOAR, as you cannot register for classes without completing both assessments.

Placement tests will be available on Connect2U after May 1, 2020.

Housing and Roommate Selection

Because the value of the educational experience is found not only inside the classroom but also in the broader campus community, Western New England University requires all first-time, full-time undergraduate students to live on campus for their first and second years at the University with some exceptions. For more information about this policy, visit our Living on Campus page and review the Residency Requirement.

At Western New England University, there is a two-step process for housing and roommate selection. The roommate selection process will begin in mid-May and the housing selection process will take place in mid-July.

Please visit the Office of Residential Life for more specific details.

First Year Foundation

Think you're heading off to college alone? Think again. At Western New England University, our First Year Program offers a circle of support to make your transition to college positive and anxiety-free. We've developed one of the most comprehensive programs in the country for first year students. Whether living on campus or off, in the First Year Program you will be welcomed and supported by our team of professors, administrators, and upper-class student mentors committed to helping you make your first year on campus your best year yet!

Check out the First Year Program page to become familiar with the many ways the First Year Program will offer you support as you transition to Western New England University.

Final, Official Transcripts

In order to begin classes, you must have all final, official transcripts sent to the admissions office. Scanned copies from you are not considered official. Review the "Admitted Checklist" section of the Application Status page to see any materials you are missing. If you have any questions regarding transcripts, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Register for an Amazing Experience

Join faculty, fellow first year students, student leaders, and peer advisors on any one of these amazing ways to spend the Saturday and/or Sunday of Labor Day Weekend! Past experiences have included Broadway shows, trips to Boston and New York City, go-karting, whitewater rafting, paintball experiences, and much more. Registration will go live prior to the first SOAR session.

Buying a Computer

If you are thinking about buying a computer to bring to college, you may be wondering what to purchase. Our Office of Information Technology (OIT) has posted some points to consider. Check the OIT Handbook for more information.

Understand Your Financial Aid Offer

As part of our Culture of Financial Wellness, we want to ensure that all families fully understand the financial investment of a Western New England University education. Visit our Enrollment Services Office for an overview on applying for financial aid, how to receive alternative financing and instructions on how to sign up for a payment plan. If you have questions, contact the Enrollment Services Office. Individual appointments can be made via phone or in person.

Enrollment Services
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA 01119

Phone: 413-796-2080
Fax: 413-796-2081

Visit Campus

Campus Tour
Register for a Campus Tour occurring daily Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays, at select times, to experience Western New England University firsthand!

Connect on Social Media

We encourage you to join the Class of 2024 Facebook Group, which offers a platform for you to begin meeting your fellow classmates, discuss upcoming events and important dates, and get a head start on becoming actively involved in the Western New England community. All new students, regardless of year, are encouraged to join this group.  If you have any questions regarding the page, please contact the Office of Admissions.