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Academic Advising and Registration

Student Success Center

If you are having difficulty in a class or with any aspect of your academic work, your professor and your advisor are the first people to consult. If you think you need extra help or support beyond what they can provide, consider visiting the Student Success Center in Campus Center Room 137. The Center offers academic success specialists as well as various resources for success.

Course Registration and Scheduling

Course registration activities occur at several times during the year and always in consultation with a student’s advisor. Students receive a mailing from the Office of Enrollment Services each semester that describes registration policies and procedures. You can also visit the Office of Academic Scheduling webpage for current course schedules.

Learn More about Advising and Registration

Whether you are a prospective or current Western New England University student, you can explore the links below to learn more about academic advising and course registration.

  • An academic advising syllabus
  • Answers to commonly asked questions about advising and registration
  • Some helpful forms related to advising and registration

An Academic Advising Syllabus

The academic advising experience can be considered a “course” like the courses that a student takes for credit towards their degree. The Office of First Year Students & Students in Transition has produced an academic advising syllabus that outlines responsibilities and expectations for advising.

Its contents include:

  • Description and philosophy of academic advising
  • Expectations of the student and expectations of the advisor
  • Recommended strategies and activities for each of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.

View the academic advising syllabus.

Frequently Asked Questions 

All of the information below (and more) is provided in the current Western New England University Catalogue. Though every effort has been made to be consistent with the Catalogue, the Catalogue should be considered authoritative in the event of a discrepancy. 

What should I do before I meet with my advisor?

Prepare and organize! Review your degree audit (available through Self Service) and degree requirements. If meeting about course registration, pick some course as well as some alternatives. Write down any questions you may have. Be ready to discuss career plans and goals. Think about how your previous semester went and what changes you’d like to make. See the advising syllabus for more details.

How do I change my major or declare a minor?

Consult with your advisor first. There is a form to fill out that is available in your College’s Dean’s office.

When can I register for classes myself?

Because there are many important advising and course registration decisions to make during your freshman and sophomore year, for full-time students course registration is done by your advisor during these years. In your junior and senior years, you may register yourself through Self Service after you have met with and received the approval of your advisor. Part-time students are encouraged to have discussions within their College's Dean's office, and can register themselves for all courses.

What are the policies regarding registering for online classes?

Online classes may not be taken during the freshman year. After that, no more than one online course can be taken per semester. See the Catalogue’s section on Online Course Load.

How do I add or drop a class?

First consult with your advisor and/or the professor teaching the class. This usually involves filling out a form from Enrollment Services (on the lower level of D’Amour Library) and getting signatures. Consult the current semester’s academic calendar carefully to determine deadlines and consequences.

What if a class is “closed” when I try to register for it?

If all sections of the class are full, then you probably should wait to take the class in a future semester. If the class is required for your degree and cannot be postponed, then work with your advisor to obtain permission to register for it.

Where can I find the Western New England University Catalogue?

The current Catalogue as well as many prior versions are on the University's Catalogue site.


Advising Information Sheets
These sheets provide a snapshot of each College’s requirements and other essential information.

Students and faculty advisors can use the advising record form to keep track of advising conversations and course planning.