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Arie S. Mobley

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
B.S., Biology, University of Utah
Ph. D, Neuroscience, University of Utah
Postdoc, Research Associate Scientist, Charles Greer Lab, Department of Neurosurgery,, Yale University


I am working on two projects related to the olfactory system. My interest in the olfactory system began with my graduate studies investigating signal transduction pathways in the squid olfactory organ. One project focuses on activity dependent mechanisms of axon targeting of olfactory sensory neurons and glomerular formation. This work is currently funded by a grant (R03) from the National Institute of Health through the Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIH-NIDCD). My second project examines the effects of normal aging on adult neurogenesis and its subsequent consequences on olfactory bulb interneurons. The olfactory bulb is one of two areas of the brain that receives new neurons throughout life.

Research in my lab uses the following techniques:
? Immunohistochemisty and histology
? Immunoblots
? Microscopy
? Tissue culture: cell lines, primary cells
? Plasmid cloning, transformation and electroporation


Research Methods


Journal Articles

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