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Seungly Oh

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Office: H 309A

Partial Differential Equations

Nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations with applications in surface water waves, optics and quantum physics.

Harmonic Analysis

L^p boundedness of multilinear operators, Sobolev spaces, space of functions. Embedding of functional spaces.


Journal Articles

Bradley Isom, Dionyssios Mantzavino, Seungly Oh and Atanas Stefanov (2021 ). Polynomial bound and nonlinear smoothing for the Benjamin-Ono equation on the circle . Journal of Differential Equations ,297 , 25-46.

Seungly Oh, Atanas Stefanov (2021 ). Smoothing and growth bound of periodic generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation . Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations ,18 , 899-930.

Seungly Oh, Xinfeng Wu (2020 ). On strong L^1 endpoints of Kato-Ponce inequality . Mathematical Research Letters ,27 , 1129-1163.

Cynthia Flores, Seungly Oh, Derek Smith (2019 ). Stabilization of Dispersion-Generalized Benjamin-Ono . Contemporary Mathematics ,725 , 111-136.

Loukas Grafakos, Seungly Oh (2014 ). The Kato-Ponce inequality . Communications in Partial Differential Equations ,39 , 1128--1157.

Seungly Oh (2013 ). Resonant phase-shift and global smoothing of the periodic Korteweg-de Vries equation in low regularity settings . Advances in Differential Equations ,18 , 633--662.

Seungly Oh, Atanas Stefanov (2013 ). Improved local well-posedness for the periodic "good" Boussinesq equation . Journal of Differential Equations ,254 , 4047--4065.

Seungly Oh, Atanas Stefanov (2012 ). On quadratic Schrodinger equations in R^{1+1}: a normal form approach . Journal of London Mathematical Society ,86 , 499--519.