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Seungly Oh

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Office: H 308D

Partial Differential Equations

Nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations with applications in surface water waves, optics and quantum physics.

Harmonic Analysis

L^p boundedness of multilinear operators, Sobolev spaces, space of functions. Embedding of functional spaces.


Journal Articles

Cynthia Flores, Seungly Oh, Derek Smith (2019 ). Stabilization of Dispersion-Generalized Benjamin-Ono . Contemporary Mathematics ,725 , 111-136.

Seungly Oh, Xinfeng Wu (2019 , to appear ). On strong L^1 endpoints of Kato-Ponce inequality . Mathematical Research Letters

Loukas Grafakos, Seungly Oh (2014 ). The Kato-Ponce inequality . Communications in Partial Differential Equations ,39 , 1128--1157.

Seungly Oh (2013 ). Resonant phase-shift and global smoothing of the periodic Korteweg-de Vries equation in low regularity settings . Advances in Differential Equations ,18 , 633--662.

Seungly Oh, Atanas Stefanov (2013 ). Improved local well-posedness for the periodic "good" Boussinesq equation . Journal of Differential Equations ,254 , 4047--4065.

Seungly Oh, Atanas Stefanov (2012 ). On quadratic Schrodinger equations in R^{1+1}: a normal form approach . Journal of London Mathematical Society ,86 , 499--519.