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Undergraduate Open Houses

we're taking our Open House LIVE to your home.

This isn't just another virtual Open House—it's a true Golden Bear welcome! We’re putting together a team of students, faculty, and staff to give you a taste of the Golden Bear experience right from the comfort of your home. It’s an event you won’t forget, from the University you’ll always remember!

Watch this LIVE two-hour virtual event to learn about:

  • The WNE classroom experience
  • Our 4U academic advising and support programs
  • Student life from current WNE students
  • Becoming a Golden Bear student-athlete
  • Housing and dining options (including premium singles, honors, and much more)

You'll have opportunities throughout the event to ask questions in our live chat, win prizes, and share your Golden Bear spirit!

2020-2021 Virtual Open House dates

Event Date Time Register
Undergraduate Open House Saturday March 6 10:00 AM Registration Closed
Undergraduate Open House Sunday September 27 10:00 AM Registration Closed
Undergraduate Open House Saturday October 17 10:00 AM Registration Closed
Undergraduate Open House Sunday November 15 10:00 AM Registration Closed

Our Open House is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the University. Segments of the Open House, therefore, cannot be isolated. If you are interested in customizing your visit, a campus visit without a program can be arranged weekdays and many Saturday and Sunday mornings by contacting the Admissions Office directly at 413-782-1321.