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Seminar Abroad

Travel to International Sporting Events with the CISB

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The Seminar Abroad takes you out of your living room and into the action of cheering on your teams from the stands of the world’s biggest sporting events. From attending the FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, and other big name international events, the CISB Seminar Abroad offers an unparalleled academic and cultural experience. Students travel to the host country for a weeklong immersive learning experience. Not only will students take a for-credit cultural course on the destination country, but they will also attend many of the top sporting events, interact with local citizens, and get a feel for what it means to reach the highest level of a career in sport business.

Past trips have included the Olympic Games in Beijing, London, and Rio de Janeiro; the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Brazil, and Russia; and many others.

  • Nathan Lane visits the Great Wall.