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Yong Wang

Associate Professor of Finance
Ph.D., Temple University
M.A., University of Maine
B.A., Nankai University, China
Office: Churchill 207

Journal Articles

Wang, Y. and Zhang, X. T. (2014). Production Efficiency of Chinese Banks: A Revisit. Managerial Finance, Vol. 40, Issue 10, 969-986.

Elyasiani, E. & Wang, Y. (2012). Bank Holding Company Diversification and Production Efficiency, Applied Financial Economics, Vol. 22, Issue 17, 1409-1428.

Jiang, C., Yang, Q., Li, S., & Wang, Y. (2011). The Moderating Effect of Foreign Direct Investment Intensity on Local Firms Intangible Resource Investment and Performance Implications, Journal of International Management, Vol. 7, Issue 4, 291-302.

Chen, Z., Mao, C.X., & Wang, Y. (2010). Why Firms Issue Callable Bonds: Hedging Investment Uncertainty, Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 16, Issue 4, 588-607.