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WorkWell Program

WorkWell, which began in 1995, is a program that has been developed for all Western New England University employees encouraging them to take an active part in their own health. There are 2 main components to the program; health education and physical activity. Participation in the program is voluntary. Incentives are available to people who participate in the physical activity for 4 months consecutively. Release time from work is provided to attend educational programs and for exercise time.

The following is an outline of how the exercise/physical activity component works:

  1. Go to the Center for Health and Wellness and sign up.
  2. If you complete the 4 month exercise program you will return to the Center for Health and Wellness provide your signature attesting to the completion of the program, be given your incentive and be able to sign up for the next exercise session.
  3. 15 minutes of release time, up to 3 times per week, may be used for exercise (with supervisor's permission).

When can I sign up for the exercise Program?

The exercise sign ups and incentive collection will be completed in the first 2 weeks of December, May, and September in the Center for Health and Wellness (times may vary slightly to accommodate the academic year schedule, watch emails.)

What are the incentives?

  1. ½ day release from work (with supervisor’s permission)
  2. $40 gift certificate for the WNE Bookstore
  3. $40 gift certificate for Aramark

Is there any specific type of exercise required?

No specific type, but an exercise program should be planned, increase the heart rate and the activity should be sustained over a minimum of 30 minutes. Examples might be walking, running, swimming, aerobics, dancing, weight lifting. etc.

How much exercise is required to be awarded the incentive?

The exercise participant must complete at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week to be awarded the incentive.

If I am not recording my exercises how will you know whether I am entitled to receive my incentive?

Each employee is on their honor and their signature, after completion of the 4 months, attests that they have completed the program as stipulated.

What is the educational programming component?

Once or twice a semester a 45–60 minute program will be offered on a current, relevant, health topic during the work day. The program will be offered more than once so that all who wish may attend. Work release time is available so that employees may attend with permission of their immediate supervisor. Stay tuned for upcoming programs.

Can I accumulate two ½ day incentives to take an entire work day off?

You may use two ½ day incentives and take an entire work day off only with approval from your immediate supervisor. You may not accrue more than two ½ day incentives.