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Updated March 16, 2020

Will Commencement ceremonies still be held?
We know how important commencement is to our students and their families. The University is exploring possibilities to recognize our hard-working students. The current May commencements are postponed. Announcements about Commencements will be posted as soon as we understand when we are able to recognize our graduates.

Will there be celebratory events on campus for graduating students to celebrate with each other?
As of now, the safest choice for our community is to cancel on-campus classes and all student activities through the end of the semester. Based on current information, we do not foresee this changing. When circumstances change in a way where we could ensure the safety of our community, we would love to welcome our graduating students back on campus. Western New England University will work with our graduating students to coordinate an on-campus celebration in recognition of accomplishments at some point in the future.

Ceremony Information

Ceremony Information