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About the College

New programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, exciting entrepreneurial opportunities, and success in national and international competitions are drawing students to the College of Engineering. Students recognize that something different is happening here and want to be a part of it. They are attracted by our hands-on approach to learning that engages them immediately in problem-solving and design activities to develop the mindset of an engineer.

This innovative learning environment is enhanced through small class and lab sizes where students are mentored by faculty with exceptional academic credentials and wide-ranging industry experience. The College of Engineering and its departments work closely with industry and engineering educational partners to provide our students with research opportunities and access to specialized technology.

Throughout their academic careers, students have opportunities to apply what they learn through team-based projects, entrepreneurial experiences, study abroad, participation in national and international competitions, and internships. Our students graduate ready to take on new challenges and apply their engineering educations to improve the world around them.

Message from the Dean

"The Western New England University College of Engineering is dedicated to giving you a premier education that will stimulate your ingenuity, inspire your imagination, and make you a productive contributor to the field of engineering. No matter which major you choose to study, our dedicated faculty and hands-on design projects will prepare you to improve people’s lives through the power of engineering."

Dr. S. Hossein Cheraghi
Dean, College of Engineering