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Devina Jaiswal

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
M.S., Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Office: S213A

Tissue Engineering


Drug Delivery



Journal Articles

Devina Jaiswal, Min D. Tang-Schomer, Disha Sood, David L. Kaplan, and Kazunori Hoshino (2018 ). Non-derstructive, label-free characterization of mechanical micro-heterogeneity in biomimetic materials . ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

Devina Jaiswal, Norah Cowley, Zichao Bian, Guoan Zheng, Kevin P. Claffey, and Kazunori Hoshino (2017 ). Stiffness analysis of 3D spheroids using microtweezers . PloS one

Devina Jaiswal, Armin Tahmasbi Rad, Mu-Ping Nieh, Kevin P. Claffey, and Kazunori Hoshino (2017 ). Micromagnetic cancer cell immobilization and release for real-time single cell analysis . Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Devina Jaiswal, Roshan James, Namdev B. Shelke, Matthew D. Harmon, Justin L. Brown, Fazle Hussain, and Sangamesh G. Kumbar (2015 ). Gelatin nanofiber matrices derived from schiff base derivative for tissue engineering applications . Journal of biomedical nanotechnology

Devina Jaiswal, and Justin L. Brown (2012 ). Nanofiber diameterā€dependent MAPK activity in osteoblasts . Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A