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Alumni & Retiree Email Resources

Alumni and retirees of Western New England University are offered the option to retain their @wne.edu email address. If you'd like to continue to use this email address you must use the option below to provide a personal email address that will allow us to forward new incoming emails sent to your @wne.edu address to your personal email account.

You will need to maintain your password and if it becomes expired for a long period of time, forwarding will be disabled. Forwarding will also be disabled if you become an active member of WNE, such as a student or an employee. If the account becomes an issue, such as its forwarding spam or we are unable to deliver the email, forwarding will be disabled. We make best effort to support this benefit but can not guarantee the service nor that we will continue to support this service long term.

New graduates and retirees are offered a period of time to forward specific emails from their @wne.edu account to their personal email account. After that window of time has passed, the @wne.edu email account will be deleted and all email messages in that email account will be removed. Information will be provided with more details regarding this process as the graduation date approaches.

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