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Western New England University uses Microsoft Exchange server to handle email, calendaring, and contacts. Here's what you need to know:

You have a choice

By default your email address will be firstname.lastname@wne.edu; however there are occasionally exceptions to this rule due to duplicate names.

Everyone also has the option to select between several variations. The selection form can be found here.


Microsoft Outlook is the email software installed on your office computer by Office of Information Technology staff, who will also configure it to connect to the University's Exchange server. In addition to handling email, Outlook also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, and notes. Outlook is generally used only by employees with an office on campus. Outlook is widely used by businesses and higher education, and so you'll find lots of helpful information on the web.


OWA stands for Outlook Web App, and it's how students access their email, calendar, and contacts on the Exchange server. Employees can also use OWA to access their email when away from the Outlook software installed on their office computers. Login at https://owa.wne.edu with your Western New England University UserID/Username and password combination.


Every email message received from outside of the University is scanned by a program called SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin gives the message a score indicating the likelihood it's SPAM (unsolicited, junk mail). Whether you use Outlook or OWA, you must follow these SPAM Inbox Rule instructions to specify how you want Exchange to deal with messages based on those SpamAssassin scores.

Mobile devices

Students and employees can also access their University email and calendars from an IOS Apple, or Android phone or tablet. You can either use the email program that comes with your device, or you might prefer the  Outlook App for Apple or the Outlook App for Android. Here's the info you'll need to set up your device:

  • You're connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server via Exchange Active Sync ("EAS")
    (IMAP and POP are not supported!)
  • Server address: owa.wne.edu
  • Encryption: SSL is required
  • Username: your University UserID/Username
  • Password: your University Password
  • Domain: wne (not “wne.edu”, just wne)
  • Data that can be synchronized: Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks
  • Send mail: immediately
  • Schedule: both manual and push are supported
    ("push" updates your email constantly, but can drain your battery faster and use more cell plan data)

Here's two useful guides found on the web. For Androids, you can also search for help with your particular phone model. (Your cellular service provider can also help you if you show them the above info.)

Email Forwarding

Click HERE for information and instructions to enable Email Forwarding.