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Our Mission

Western New England University School of Law is dedicated to training members of the legal profession to serve the public, the bar and the judicial system in the highest and finest traditions of a distinguished calling. To this end, the School of Law’s primary mission is to educate lawyers whose professional lives are characterized by the lifelong pursuit of excellence in the craft of legal practice; by the reflective and ethical solution of legal problems; and by the continuation of, and the exercise of responsible stewardship over, a cherished tradition of public service in pursuit of the common good. The School of Law implements this mission through a distinguished faculty, a curriculum of integrated learning and a community of learning and professional service.

Faculty Excellence and Integrated Learning. The faculty is distinguished by its pedagogical skills, experience, scholarship and profound commitment to the enterprise of legal education and the values of the legal profession. Because we value both the theory and practice of law, our curriculum integrates traditional classroom instruction in legal doctrine, analysis and problem-solving with experiential learning in a range of clinical settings, including simulation courses, client representations, externship programs and co-curricular activities. Building on the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom, these settings challenge students to integrate their analysis of the law with their practical experience and enrich their understanding of the law and their role as lawyers.

Community of Learning and Professional Service. The School of Law strives to create a community that reflects the diversity of the society around us and that models what we most honor in the law: reason, respect for process and for differences of background and position, civility and a dedication to justice and fairness. We share an enthusiasm for the study of law, both in and outside the classroom, an appreciation of what law and lawyers are capable of accomplishing for the betterment of society, and a commitment to personal and professional excellence. We value and seek to strengthen our ties with and service to the bench and bar, the legal academy, the broader educational community, alumni, and the local community.