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Criminal Law Concentration

Criminal law and procedure is a fascinating area of study, preparing students for a wide range of career paths after graduation. Western New England University School of Law alumni work in all facets of the criminal justice system, as prosecutors and defense attorneys, in government and private practice. The concentration requires courses in criminal procedure and evidence, as well as additional courses in electives such as International Criminal Law, White Collar Crime, Post-Conviction Rights, and Juvenile Justice. Students in the concentration also gain lawyering skills through their placement in an experiential learning environment. 

Required Courses

Criminal Procedure: Investigation
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication

Note: Students must successfully complete Criminal Law as a prerequisite for this concentration. The course credit for Criminal Law does not count toward credits required for concentration.


In addition to completing the foundational courses, students are required to take additional coursework sufficient to fulfill the balance of the 18 credits required for the concentration. Equivalent courses may be approved by the Concentration Advisor:

Advanced Topics in Evidence
Post Conviction Rights and Procedures
Juvenile Justice
Law and Terrorism
International Criminal Law
Forensic Evidence
Domestic Violence
Criminal Pretrial-Practice
White Collar Crime
Civil Rights Police Misconduct
Cybercrime and Digital Evidence

Practical Skills Courses

In addition to the required foundational and elective coursework, students are required to complete a practical skills course in one of the following:

  • Criminal Law Prosecution Clinic
  • Criminal Law Defense Practicum
  • Criminal Procedure Simulation QWCS

Writing Requirement

Students are required to complete one significant piece of writing in the concentration area. The writing requirement does not require that students earn any credits beyond the foundational and elective credits described above. However, the topic and the arrangement for fulfilling the writing requirement must be approved in advance by the Concentration Advisor. The paper could be written to fulfill the requirements of a course, an independent study, or a law review note.  It may also be possible to fulfill this requirement by completing a substantial piece of writing in conjunction with your practical skills course, such as a draft legal brief, significant legal memorandum, or by writing a paper independently, such as a submission to a writing competition or an article for publication. In all of these arrangements, the prior approval of the Concentration Advisor is required.

Criminal Law Concentration Requirement Form

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Note: In the case of extraordinary circumstances and undue hardship, the Associate Dean,in consultation with the Concentration Advisor may propose an alternative means of satisfying the Practical Skills requirement.

*Note: Some courses will not be offered every Academic Year.