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Symplicity is Career Services' on-line job bank and web-based recruiting system for students and alumni. It lists jobs, externships, clerkships, fellowships, law firms by practice areas, and other opportunities sent to Career Services. Students are able to upload application materials and apply for many positions through it. The Western New England University School of Law Symplicity site is:


The Massachusetts Law School Consortium has its own Symplicity site for current law student use, which will be used for three programs: the National Recruitment Program, the Fall Government and Public Interest Law Program, and the Winter Government and Public Interest Program. You may apply to employers participating in these programs on this site. The Massachusetts Law School Consortium Symplicity site is: 


The Federal Symplicity System OSCAR: https://oscar.symplicity.com/index.php

The Federal Judiciary’s System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR) is a system for applicants to research all federal judges and, in many cases, apply to participating federal judges. The application method for each judge is noted in OSCAR.

Employer Symplicity Site can be accessed at https://law-wnec-csm.symplicity.com/employers/

PLEASE NOTE:  The Office of Career Services at Western New England University School of Law posts job notices as a service to its students, graduates, and employers. Most legal employers are reputable and reliable, but Career Services is not in a position to guarantee the reputation or professional standing of individual law firms, attorneys, companies, or other employers posting position notices. Potential applicants are advised and encouraged to research potential employers and employment opportunities presented as part of the job search process.