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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Center for Social Justice works toward advancing social justice through research, advocacy, education, and public engagement.

The Center for Social Justice endeavors to enrich the rigorous education and practical training that the School of Law currently provides to facilitate critical discourse in academic and community circles about social and economic justice, and to advance social justice through scholarship, legislative engagement, and advocacy. 

The Center will advance the School of Law’s ongoing outreach efforts to diversify the legal profession through its engagement with young people in local schools.

The Center will draw the commitment and talent of its participating School of Law faculty and administrators to harness and coordinate the varied institutional resources of Western New England University, community organizations, and external partners to advance a multidimensional approach to social justice scholarship and advocacy in local, national, and global communities.


The Center for Social Justice aims to:

  • Enrich the University’s intellectual community
  • Provide support for those at the School of Law and other Colleges at the University doing work in the areas encompassed by the Center’s mission
  • Generate expanded opportunities for student involvement in advocacy, research, and programming
  • Advance social justice goals and community engagement
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration among academic units at the University
  • Support the community engagement efforts that the School of Law currently carries out to provide popular legal education to the greater community and to diversify the student body at the School of Law and the legal profession as a whole