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Student Awards

2019-2020 Awards and recipients

Western New England University School of Law annually recognizes students for their outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.  The School of Law community congratulates the following 2019-2020 recipients.

Graduation AWARDS

Catic Foundation Award
The Connecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company (more commonly known as CATIC) was established in 1965.  It was founded to assist attorneys involved in real estate transactions with the objective of providing the highest value to homebuyers and homeowners.  CATIC has been academically involved with the School of Law by providing students in our Real Estate Practicum with experiential learning opportunities.  It also provides financial support to non-profit entities engaged in legal education, public service law, and other charitable endeavors. The CATIC award recognizes a student for his or her outstanding academic achievement in Real Property courses taken during the student’s matriculation at Western New England.
  • Nikolas Kittredge
Edward F. McBride Award
The family of one of our graduates, Edward F. McBride, established this award.  His family desired to honor him by establishing the award in his name.  This award recognizes the achievements of a student who has, over the course of the student’s academic career, made the greatest academic advances from his or her first year to last year of law school.
  • Cheyanne Clark
Abraham Smith Award 
The Abraham Smith Award is given for academic achievement in those fields of law that lie within the jurisdiction of the Probate Court, the court over which Judge Smith presided for many years.  Judge Smith was both a respected jurist and an admired member of our part-time faculty.  This award was created by his family and friends in his name.  It is awarded to the graduate or graduates who have achieved distinction in Probate related subjects during their academic careers.
  • Kathryn M. Patrick
Edward B. Cooley Award
The Edward B. Cooley Award was created by the Honorable Sidney M. Cooley and his wife, Anne Cooley, to recognize excellence in the study of Labor Law.  It was named in honor of Judge Cooley’s brother, Edward B. Cooley.  Edward Cooley was born and schooled in Springfield and went to the Wharton School of Business.  He attended and, in 1937, graduated from Northeastern University-Springfield School of Law, the predecessor to Western New England University School of Law.  He established an outstanding reputation as a Labor Law attorney and was a pillar of integrity in the legal community.  In 1946, he co-founded the law firm of Cooley & Cooley, now known as Cooley Schrair.  The award is given to a graduating student who has the highest achievements in Labor Law.
  • Kathleen Arcuri
Eldergill Prize for Excellence In Employment Law
The Eldergill Prize for Excellence in Employment Law was established by The Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Section in remembrance of Attorney Kathleen Eldergill.  Attorney Eldergill practiced law for 35 years and was past president of the Connecticut Employment Lawyers’ Association.  The Eldergill Prize is for a graduating law student from Western New England University School of Law who has excelled in coursework related to Labor and Employment Law.
  • Aimee Cawlina
James C. Faison Multicultural Leadership Award
The James C. Faison Multicultural Leadership Award is named in honor of Mr. Faison for his service to the Western Massachusetts legal community.   Mr. Faison was a 1983 graduate of the School of Law and served for 14 years as the Clerk Magistrate of the Northampton Division of the Hampshire County District Court.
The award is given to recognize a graduating senior whose service to the School of Law community provided leadership in promoting awareness and celebration of our racial and ethnic diversity. The recipient is selected by a committee of law faculty.
  • Kerri Ann Manning
  • Gissell Rodriguez
Dean’s Award
The Dean’s Award is an award reserved solely to the discretion of the Dean.  The Dean’s choice reflects on the significant contributions made by many individuals in the graduating class to the life and culture of the School of Law.   Although the decision is difficult to make, the recipient is one who stands out in his or her class.
  • Gissell Rodriguez
Norman Prance Award
The School of Law considers the Norman Prance Award the highest award that we bestow.  Professor Norman Prance was one of the most respected and admired members of our Law School faculty – he was respected and loved by students and faculty colleagues alike.  When his teaching career was abruptly cut short by illness, the faculty of the School of Law established the Norman Prance Award in his honor.
The recipient of the Prance Award is chosen by the School’s entire full-time faculty and is awarded to that member(s) of the graduating class who, in terms of grade point average, classroom participation, and extracurricular academic activities best reflects the educational and professional qualities exemplified by Professor Prance.
  • Tara Morrison
  • Mitch Renfrew         

Latin Honors

(listed in alphabetical order)

Summa Cum Laude
  • Lisa Harty
  • Sean McCabe
  • Tara Morrison
  • Kathryn Patrick
  • Mitchell Renfrew
Magna Cum Laude
  • Nicole Belbin
  • Jennifer Diggles
  • Nikolas Kittredge
Cum Laude
  • Daniella Bessarabova
  • Victoria Carbone
  • Kala Chapalonis
  • Mary Deneen
  • Stephanie DiGiorgio
  • Julia Glybin
  • Ethan Goldberg
  • Ryan Hartnett
  • Kerri Ann Manning
  • Samuel Prickett
  • Stacie Provencher
  • Matthew Schmidt
  • Aidan Sullivan
  • Adam Teich
  • Emilia Vandzhura

Student AWARDS

This scholarship is awarded to a woman in her last year at the School of Law who is a member of the Western New England University Law Review. Recipients must have demonstrated a potential for professional excellence and have financial need. This scholarship was established in memory of Catherine Bean Street, Class of 1990, by family and friends.
  • Britaney Guzman-Bailey
  • Todd Staples
  • Black Law Student Association
  • Social Committee
Grand Marshall
  • Fred Royal 
  • Bruce Miller
  • Erin Buzuvis
  • Bridgette Baldwin
  • René Reich-Graefe 
  • Scott Chapman
  • Bruce Miller
Jessup lnternational Moot Court Team; Advisors: ProfMatthew Charity and Prof. Robert Statchen (Advisor)
  • Audrey Kettle
  • Jenny Diggles
  • Tara Morrison
  • Eric Harrell
Negotiation Moot Court Team; Advisor: Prof. Eric Gouvin 
  • Kristin Brazalovich
  • Maureen Carroll Dennis
  • Andrew Haughey
  • Shama Patel
National Moot Court Team; Advisors: Prof. Harris Freeman and Prof. Jeanne Kaiser
  • Andrew Lavender
  • James Molina
  • Brittany Bandani
ABA Tax Challenge Moot Court Team; Advisor: Fred Royal 
  • Ryan Hartnett
  • Mitch Renfrew
First Amendment Moot Court Team; Advisors: Prof. Myra Orlen and Prof. Jeanne  Kaiser 
  • Krystle Bernier
  • Viktoriia Protsyk
  • Sean McCabe
American Association for Justice Trial Team; Advisors: Prof. Tina Cafaro and Attorney John Stewart 
  • Stephanie DiGiorgio
  • Kala Chapalonis
  • Aidan Lanciani
  • Aaron Rath


Section 2
  • Plaintiff: Daniel Felten
  • Defendant: Christina Spicer
Section 4
  • Plaintiff: Kennan McBrearty   
  • Defendant: Natalie Griffin Rowland
Section 6
  • Plaintiff: Meaghan Collins
  • Defendant: Dillon Bruso & Peter Curtis
Section 8
  • Plaintiff: Maija Lee Orlovsky Nagels
  • Defendant: Zachary Poreman 
Section 10
  • Plaintiff: Sean Buxton
  • Defendant: Thomas Zeffiro
Section 40
  • Plaintiff: Chelsea Contrada
  • Defendant: Casey Croteau
Section 42
  • Plaintiff: Boris Virkerman
  • Defendant: Matthew Stevens
Section 2
  • Plaintiff: Daniel Felten
  • Defendant: Sarah Bodzinski
Section 4
  • Plaintiff: Stephanie Linares
  • Defendant: Rachel Woods
Section 6
  • Plaintiff: Melissa Bailey
  • Defendant: Catherine Matthews
Section 8 
  • Plaintiff: Jason Chaaya
  • Defendant: Zachary Poreman
Section 10
  • Plaintiff: Sarah Federation
  • Defendant: Briana Dawkins 
Section 40
  • Plaintiff: Ryan Guers
  • Defendant: Baylee Houldson
Section 42
  • Plaintiff: Julia Napolitano
  • Defendant: William Moorcroft